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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music and Destiny part 3

As soon I was awake...
things are kinda blurry...I saw 4 people and they were looking down at me
and I heard a voice.."move move move"

"she's awake!"

I tried to sit down and shook my head
rubbed my eyes..and say "where am I?"

"Your'e in my were robbed and you passed out"
"thank you, what's your name?" I asked
"Ivo..." he said

"thank you Ivo....I have to go I have some appointment, what time is it?"
"its 8pm.." he answered
"ok...i have to move now!" I said...I tried to stand up but things get blurry again
I was about to fall..but somebody got me...I touched his arms and I looked up
"It was you....the sexy front of my door!" I said, and suddenly I felt embarrassed
I shouldve been tackless about saying things...specially here in a country where I dont belong

"aha! so you thing Im sexy ha!" Ivo replied

Then I closed the door...I was so stupid...I didn't even had the chance to thank
him for the last time...I closed my eyes..and took a deep breathe
I have to get things back to normal and so I started looking at my passport
and wallet....Thank God I have my Wallet and passport in my coat

My phone rang and I answered..
"hey! did you arrived safely?" my mother asked
"I did!" it was a lie...but I thought it will be a good idea not to tell her
or she'll be paranoid and have a heart attack.
"im ok mom! i have to hand getting ready for the concert!" I bid my
goodbye and press the phone...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Music and Destiny part 2

I arrived at the terminal and I saw a huge card and a woman in her 30's
waving her that card it says my name....she was shouting!
"Mina"....I knew it was my name...but I heard it in different tone

"are you Mina?" she asked
"yes!" Then she started to carry my bags, she was pointing the van
as I was approaching the van
I was confused if the van is really secluded
from the seat of the driver...but I did get was getting cold
and Im not used in this whole winter season
She opened the small window and she started this conversation
she started asking with

"you are musician? I can tell from ur clothes" she told
She looked at the mirror and started smiling....
"ah! I need to know where is BERTA's BAR is...Im going for a concert" I asked
"when?" she asked
"tonight!" I answered
"ok I'll teach you the way...." she said
"aren't you available to take me there?" I requested
"I have ah ah ah.....
the office..." she struggles to answer
I knew that she's avoiding the request so I just shut up...

The van stopped and she was pointing the apartment and handed me the key

I was confused about the apartment I rented
because its not this extravagant like what Im seeing now
So I jumped off the van..and started walking
The key has 3 digits...203 I supposed it was the rooms' number

There are few people outside the apartment
and they were holding big Posters and I dont even understand what's in it
so i just passed them...
I got to the room...and it was empty..I was really hungry so I put my bags down
and went downstairs to buy something on the bakery outside
The breads....I can see the breads being prepared....I wonder how it tastes
so I went in

I bought one large bread and several pastries for snacks and breakfast
I was walking towards the door of the bakery and a tall blonde man with his bread
went out..and girls outside started screaming...I was walking
and I noticed that we are walking down the same apartment..
He kept looking at his back..which I supposed to be me..
So I think he was thinking im stalking him...I dont even know him
he stopped at the hallway and looked at me really hard
"Oletko vaanii minua?" he said
I was stunned...he was beautiful..more like a woman

"Im sorry I dont speak finnish!" I utterly and sounded a little bit shaky
"why are u following me?" he asked
"Im not following you...I live next door" I said..I suddenly stopped breathing
He gave me a cold was like he was not believing im saying
so I try to explain more..."Im a tourist...and stalking is not my hobby...
I dont know you either..." and I started working on with my keys...
and I noticed that the door is open...I am sure that I locked the door
I dont want to make a fuss since he's still there standing and looking at me
so i didn't bother the door not being locked...and went inside immediately...


my bag was nowhere to be found
my clothes are all gone

it wasn't long till the man I saw before opened the door
and asked "what happened?"
I turned around and I saw the neighbors coming in
it was blurry at the same time...and I wasn't hearing anything
I fell and everything was black

Music and Destiny part 1

I cant believe I'm holding this airplane ticket to Finland
I dont know yet how Im going to find my dreams there
This is going to be a crazy journey

I was looking every people in this international airport
everyone is tall....its fresh to see people who has different colors
I was walking towards the Exit...I was excited, I cant hide my smile
for I know that dream...the dream I always wanted is here already
I held my head up, I was closing my eyes as the suns warmth touched
every inch of my face... I cant believe its Winter but The Morning sun
is bidding me welcome..I think its a great start

I took a deep breathe....and shouted
Tampere here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that its convenient to take a plane to go to tampere from the capital
but I think it will make a good adventure If I take the road
so I decided to take the bus

Im feeling really good that Im here in Finland
but I am taking several looks from people...maybe its because Im asian
and I am new to the view...or maybe they are curious because im a musician

atlast I arrived at Tampere

Saturday, October 22, 2011

coming soon

a love story bound by music
find out how this young lady found his dream in another land
but never expected to find an addened baggage surprise....

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