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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music and Destiny Part 14

"Dear Diary, Good Morning! Its a brand new day for dream starts today
Ivo is still sleeping in the couch..I wonder why im so feeling contented just seeing him
sleeping in his couch through a small opening at the door....Im having a long day today
and its going to be a blast....rehearsal, photoshoot, recording, and rehearsals again in just
a week..and then my debut...its funny how things gone fast!"

truly yours Minna ♥

"MINNA!" Ivo shouted but nobody replied
"did she just got out without telling me?" he added

Ivo took a shower
after a while...Minna came back to the apartment

"IVO? are you there? I forgot my cellphone!" Minna announced
this time nobody replied...

Minna remembered she left the cellphone in the bathroom
she rushed to the bathroom and saw IVO

"HI minna?" Ivo welcomed
Minna screamed and shut the door
and realized for a moment that she needed her cellphone
"UHM~ Ivo...I think my cellphone is right there at the sink...can you
pass it to me" Minna said
"Well you can come in and take it yourself" Ivo replied
"Im not joking! I need it now or I'll be late for practice" Mina said annoyingly
"Hang on!" Ivo said

Ivo walked over to the sink and find her cellphone...
he watched left to right..and scrolled over Mina's phone
He smiled

"Minna! Here's your cellphone! I never thought I'd be your Wallpaper" Ivo chuckled
Minna blushed as she grab her cellphone from Ivo's hand while the door is incompletely
shut.."Its nothing Ivo!" she added
"whatever Minna!" Ivo said then walked back into the tub again
this time mina got curious, she cant help but sneak into that small opening of the door
she looked back..she covered her eyes..but part of her..wants to see

Monday, January 30, 2012

Music and Destiny part 13

IVO's Confession

I saw my beautiful wife
she was sitting at the stairs
I cant help but be myself
and her lips is irresistible
especially when she pouts about living with me
I cant help but give him my kiss
and make her shut up...

I have felt the right thing
I knew it was right
but things are complicated

I went to the living room
I left her alone at the stairs....unsure of herself
If only I could tell her everything I felt

I myself is confused
maybe I could tell her after her debut
that's right!
I will tell her everything....

Mina's thoughts

There is no way this man is in love with me
He's way too perfect and famous for me
I am just a nobody from an alien world
what is with him??? he's taking too much of this wedding thing
...this man is crazy...I cant believe i marry him
...I myself cant forget how he kissed me
could it be Im falling for him????
oh no im in trouble....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music and Destiny part 12

And I saw Him waiting there
My breathing started to get heavy...
My fake father beside me
started to say
"Dont worry Im not gonna let you slip"

I walked on the isle
and I cant keep my eyes off at Ivo
He looked happy

I was looking at him the whole time
the wedding ended with a kiss
this time I felt very comfortable with him
and we went out for some magazine photos again
and went home

I was so tired..
I was walking in the hallway of the apartment
and I noticed that there's already a lock in my apartment's door
Ivo was there at my back
"your'e not going there honeey~! you already live here"
pointing at his apartment

"oh no! I forgot"
I said while giving him the uncertainty look
I entered his apartment
and sat on the stairs

I was just wondering where the hell am I going to sleep??
I asked

"Beside me...Honeey~~~" he answered

I replied
"You gotta loose that Honeey~ thing, that's actually annoying"

He moved closer
and gave me a kiss on my forehead
I remained silent
He was an inch away from my face
its not even an inch
maybe less than an inch
I can feel his nose in to my cheek
stroking down to my lips
my eyes where wide open
I gulped
my heart was thrusting out of my chest

and I was happy but at the back of my mind:
is this the truth already???

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Music and Destiny part 11

We went to the set of the Pre nup photo shoot
it was a forest...

Mr. Franco:
"ok! guys...I want you to look good in photos
this will be in the make it more believable"

"aye aye sir!

"Im doomed! I dont know what to do?"

The photographer went in
"uhm! ok! you should look very happy and we'll do kissing photos later"

I saw Ivo stretching...and said "Mina, Dont fall in love with me
remember Im just helping you ok! your'e one lucky girl..."

"SHUT THE F*#( UP" I shouted
after several shots the photos were like a total DAMAGE

everything was AWKWARD!!!
then both of us heard

The photographer talked to us
"Imagine Ivo is your everything and so do you Ivo"

MINA: for one split second I thought of being my ownself
as I part this moment were I thought of surrendering myself
to him...

IVO: I was looking at this woman beside me
I said to myself..what if this is the truth...if only I can only tell her
what I really feel. But I cant do that its not the right time
but for just this moment, I'll be myself...and surrender to her

He threw me into the grasses
and suddenly I felt his lips into mine

Friday, January 27, 2012

Music and Destiny part 10

The wedding

Mina's Part:

Mr. Franco came this afternoon and introduced me with my Personal assistant and publicist
I still cant believe what I am into right now! Its like I turned into this celebrity
in one night!..Im happy but Im terrified...and Im going to get married tomorrow???
My mom will kill me!!!!!!!!!!

the next thing happened I was at Mr. Franco's car with Ivo
Mr Franco asked "what's your favorite color mina"
"Peach!" I answered
"so lame!" Ivo uttered annoyingly

I was thinking...this person is such a bipolar...he's snob the next time he comes closer
he's nice, I cant read him!...

then we arrived to this wedding store
where I get to choose my wedding dress
while entering the store
I still cant believe Im marrying this person right next to me
its like just days ago..he said "Im following him and now Im marrying him"

and the lady accompanied me inside this curtain and made me tried few dresses
and said "madamme! you look beautiful in this dress"

the suddenly the curtains were lifted up
and I saw Ivo's face...He's not happy at all
I thought he'd be like ..."WOW"
instead Mr. Franco complimented me...

Then I was sitting waiting for Ivo's turn
then the curtain was lifted

I wanted to look blunt
but he look really gorgeous in those tuxedo
I cant help walk around near him and look from head to toe
"oh my gosh! that's sexy"
how can someone look like this??? he's too perfect

Mr. Franco broke the moment
"we have a pre-nup photos! at 4pm"
I talked to him.."this is a fake wedding right???"
No its not! he replied
Ivo then came and said
"unfortunately its not a fake wedding! Immigrant officers will will you present a fake wedding? are you even thinking"

I looked at him with an are-you-kidding-me FACE

then I made my reality check!
there's no way Im gonna live with this kind of person
he annoys me...

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