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Saturday, September 12, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 6

chapter 6

" jealous?"

"let's go somewhere..." kylie asked
" where do you want?" chamin replied
"take me somewhere..." kylie said with her big round eyes
" are you alright?" chamin asked, then he smiled.

silence prevailed in about 10 seconds, looking at each other
kylie frowned. and said "you dont want to go?"
"we havent finished the food.." chamin said
"im already full" kylie said
"haraso (ok!) lets just packed this foods" chamin asked the waiter to packed the foods

both of them left the restaurant, kylie was holding chamin's hand leading their way out.
as they are aproaching chamin's car...
chamin stop and looked at kylie and said "dont drag me im not a child."
kylie was surprised, it was her first time to see chamin angry.
they went into the car, they felt awkward...
chamin was busy driving, kylie was looking at the window

"im sorry, for acting like your mom.." kylie said and bowed her head.
chamin laughed out loud. "mother?"
"you said you were like a child, so I thought ....never mind" kylie explained
"apology accepted" chamin said and he hold kylie's head...and said "dont do that again..ok?"
"ok! but your really weird that time" kylie said while he looked at chamin
"are you jealous with Dana?" chamin asked seriously
kylie bite her lips and moved her head onto the window
"is that a YES!?" chamin asked " going nuts, your very unpredicatble.. i just love everything in you.."
"what do you mean?" kylie said curiously
"I love your way."

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