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Saturday, September 8, 2012



yes, I was...I cant even open my mouth when he's around

He was a common stranger..I never knew his name
but I always see him during my morning trip to the train
he would always wear this perfume that smells like the sea
it reminds me of my childhood memories
a comfort remembrance that takes me back where i belong

One day, I have a vacant seat at my right side
I was hoping it was his place, a reserved seat and
a permanent place in my heart. I was busy over the
cold winds that touches my face unto the open windows of the train. 
Then somebody sat beside me

It wasn't him.Of course! how will somebody seat beside me
no one will dare...everyone disgusts me because im overweight
and ugly. I looked over to my right and was surprised
I was was him..he looked at me..specially my face
I cant stand the stare so I continues to pay attention to the
view in the window...I started to breathe hands are closed
30 minutes passed, and i was exhausted
paying attention to him. I closed my eyes for a moment..


she was amazingly simple
I dont know her name..but the glances that lasts in seconds was
already a gift to me whenever I rode the train going to my work
every morning wasn't complete not until I see those eyes and stare

I always make a brush of air from my coat whenever I pass through her seat
its just beautiful seeing those waves of hair freely dancing upon her bare face
that face were only i could have her approval to put a smile on its landscape

Its funny how I look behind her, i already had her kissed upon my lips
I already hugged her a thousand times
I already caught her waist..and pulled close to me..

then the time came where i have no seat to choose to but her beside

I think she never i'd love to connect and share this feelings for her
I turned into my glance, then I caught her head over my shoulders...
I wish she could stay like this for a while.
I felt the rush over my veins back to my heart. I am at the edge of my seat

I pulled her off..since I was to get off the train..
she's still calmly sleeping..


I woke up and saw he wasn't there..
at my surprise I saw a note sticked onto the back of the chair facing me

Seeing that note...i took the courage not to glance at him the next day
I gave him a wave and a smile..
from then on we never part

Love story from (c) Clai 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The old woman who despise love

when it comes to the last person in the lane
how come there's no person who come and stay...
all of them go and leave me....

Fate must've hated me
if I like him...he's probable taken or in love with someone else
If He likes me....I dont like spark and all

I try to meet men
but they all was looking for something I can not give
not until I get a ring on my finger
whenever I turned into this conversation with them
they dont like my idea..

He then starts to ignore me
He then starts to say goodbye
He talks about things i dont like
make things to hurt me...

I know that there's this person who will perfectly
understands my situation...
problem is..they are billions of them! out there...somewhere
I try to be observant as I meet, know and talk to them
but sometimes...its tiring to find that someone
will swept off my feet...

I grew hopeless everyday
learning that Im all alone

I have all...
all the things to be happy...
but the thing that will make me happier
is the only missing part of my life

Im growing old....
I pass each days as if
I have wasted another time without that special person

Im worried about me..
I'll be alone all my life right after I grew tired of searching for him...
tomorrow is a step....days and days pass I become weak

I was betrayed by love
nobody likes me

my head is tired finding from left to right
there's no time to love anymore

my hair turned gray
and my skin sagged and crumpled

My body has become heavy that I might not be able to stand
Everyday I woke up with a sight of white ceiling
Then at night my eyes become worn out unable to carry the
heavy eyelid....then I realized it never opened

Friday, March 16, 2012

Love doesn't age : AUTHOR"S NOTES

hello Im Clai
I am so glad that somebody is reading my stories..
I am very happy when I see the page views on rise

this story was very close to my heart
because I was the eldest daughter of Ricky
yes this was my father's story
I hope
I have gave you the inspiration
I hope I have quenched youre heart
I love my father that it made it easy for me to
write the words in letters...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love doesn't age part 6: The day I part

I was crying alone in the house
when my eldest daughter sent me this sms

"daddy! I got 76/100 in the exam...I promise I'll
pass the Nursing Board exam, I'll be your nurse..
I know I was called to do this, because I am destined
to take care of you...I love you daddy, do u still have
a fever?"

I went to every houses of my friends
with a smile...and I read them this message
and they thought that im really lucky father

My fever is slowly getting higher
my hands are already shaking
and sometimes I just dont feel like
waking up and standing again
until I didn't wake up at all

I can feel what's happening to me
My wife brought me to the hospital again
and this time its worse...
they put tubes on my nose and my mouth
I can feel not only 5 times a needle
struck into my skin...
I have never felt this pain before...
I was agonizing..
I got mad sometimes with my wife
how could she let something happen to me like this?
but I understand, she is doing everything
to save me...she didn't want me to leave
but I am near to give up....its been a week
with this tubes on me..I broke down...I grasp my last breath
I felt someone hold my hand
I knew it was my eldest daughter
Im proud of her...I know its sad to leave at the exact
day of her exam, not an ideal day to leave...but Im already weak
that I can't stand another day anymore

one more breath....and that's the last....
I felt the pain slowly going away...
and yes I have seen the light
and I heard the voice of my wife

"Goodbye Ricky, I love you and I will miss you
I know you dont have the pain already, be happy
and look after us..thank you for giving me the love
you have made my life whole, you have upraised me
for who i whatever you have done bad to me
I forgive you, and I hope you forgive me too..
so long Ricky, my love, my everything
and we will see each other someday...together again"

and I continued walking to the light...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love doesnt age part 5: A good father

A new place a new life
I knew I have won over my demons

this time I have kept up from my daughters and my beautiful wife
I cook them meals everyday
I go to groceries and a lot of household chores for them
I dont care if I was tagged as a HOUSEBAND
because I love doing things like this for them.

I have been doing this things for nearly 10 years
I am all clean
closer to God
a good father, wish i was a long time ago

Then suddenly
I didn't woke up...
I recognized my wife's hand shaking me
hearing her voice

the next thing I saw when I opened my eyes
was my eldest daughter's face
everything was white
she said I was in the ICU...and has been sleeping for 3 days already
I have recovered so very greatful that i have a daughter

the next day I was at our home...
I still went to my doctor for post check ups
and the last meeting with him I remember...
the doctor asked my wife to leave the office at the moment
because there was something he needs to tell me..

that my liver has reached its last stage
and I have to leave this world
any time soon...

I went out the doctor's office with a smile..
my wife asked but i never told him the truth..
I know she'll be devastated...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

love doesn't age part 4: making my own family

Me and Laila had 2 beautiful daughters...

We never had a perfect relationship
I have brought several pains to my wife
I went home drunk every night
we sold some of our stuffs without her knowing
I got in to fights, got jailed few times..
I thought i will change..because I already have my family
instead I became a plague
I was a failure to my wife and my daughters
I didn't have a job, I was just staying outside and going out
with friends using my wife's earned money from the business
we both built..where I should suppose help her..
but all i think was im a failure that i could not do anything anymore
to change it! my demons have told me to go the evil ways
I have bad peers around me, they asked me to use this
white powder burn it and inhale the one split second
I forgot where I was, and what I was thinking...I thought i was in heaven
I became immune and so I tried it everyday...until I dont have the money
to buy those white magic powders...I forced myself to get every thing
from our business, sold my car just for those fantastical seconds that will
free me from my worries...

I was facing the mirror and mourned on what i have become
then I saw my daughter at the back
"daddy why are you crying?"
I cant tell her what I am going through for she was just a young mind
and she will never understand..I shouted at her and told her to get out!
the next seconds I faced the mirror...I saw blood running through my nose
I already put ice added pressure on my nose bridge but it wouldn't stop
bleeding...I fainted and the next time I woke up..I was at the hospital
my wife was holding my hand worried...
the doctor came and we talked about my condition
I heard the doctors words and it runned in my head a million times
"You have Liver cirrhosis, you must stop taking alcohol or it will burn
the rest of your liver..your'e in 2nd stage..if you dont stop, you'll have2
2 years to live"

I was looking at my daughters they were just little
I dont want to live them remembering their father was just
an alcoholic, drug addict, trouble maker...
they dont have any idea...I look at them with love
and overcoming it...I gave them a hug and a kiss in their cheeks
and tears came pouring like rain...

the next day I stopped drinking...I stopped everything
and I told my wife "lets move to another place and start our new lives"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love doesn't age part 3: Serendipity

Life has been good enough to me...I have moved on to what happened

I went to the local grocery store and I saw this tall lady
who looked very familiar to me...
I took my steps to get near her, and i was surprised it was her
the beautiful woman who interviewed me..I am so glad to see her
but why does this heart keeps on beating like its coming out of my chest
I look at her in slow motion
and I can see her bright eyes....

from then on

I would always visit the grocery to visit that beautiful manager Laila
my feet is always taking me to this grocery even if i dont have any
needs to buy at all...
I have sent her roses
recorded  lionel richie's song "hello" with my voice and send it to her
send her hundreds of letters...with my kisses on it
I am in love again

I knew from the time i saw her again on that grocery
"She'll be my wife"

time has passed by and I asked her to go home with me
She agreed and right after we landed...
the next week...we got married in the court
the next week...we got married in the church

and so I vowed to love her forever

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Love doesn't age part 2: Goodbye Girlie

somehow between the writing of our letters to each other
Girlie grew distant from me...its hard to keep a long distance relationship
i cant stand her absence, I was lonely everytime that I dont even get to see her
and then the last letter from girlie arrived

Dear Ricky,

I hope your fine right now! i know that this distance is just tearing us apart
i have found already my new happiness to someone who could give me more
time and love..i cant wait for you..i know that your job right now is far more
important than anything else, i knew you did this for your parents and siblings
please take care of yourself...this will be my last letter to you
Im getting married on tuesday..june 11, 1987
I hope you'll forget me soon



I was devastated of what I have received, she didn't knew that this wasn't
just because i wanted the whole world that i can have a job
and my education has contributed me wasn't just that...
I was hoping that she understand that i also did this because i can see our
future together..

I kept myself busy...i drowned myself working just to keep myself
and my mind free from thinking about her...until it takes some time when
there's this moment that i could say "wow! i wasn't thinking about her!"
Girlie became a memory to was like she was just a dream that never happened
I was at the seashore

I suddenly felt this emotion of loneliness...
i shouted as loud as i can...i called for the love ones i left in my home
i miss them so much...I have once thought of going back...but it was just
3 months...i received the challenge...and i took it seriously
I built my own routine living in this strange country
after several months more...I become one of them...
I gained more friends...rode bicycle all over the became my second home
visiting beautiful spots every night...

its definitely lonely
but the beauty of the place has took over my heart at the moment
and I told myself
someday...i will find that one woman
and take her here...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love doesn't age part 1: I am Ricky

"My heart may die but my love will live forever"
I have made this vow to my wife unto our wedding day
and until now Im still in love with her..
but I wasn't with her around...because I died...
I am Rick Im a bastard and always drunk,
I fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the world
her name was Laila...I met her in Qatar....

I am 23 at that time and I am hopeless
I graduated and passed my licensure exam but i was nothing
but a stay at home guy...I never looked for a job
I have a girlfriend at that time, her name was Girlie
she worked at a bar as a strip dancer...i would always get here
after she work...she always pays the bill whenever we eat on restaurants
she's also a single mom, she got pregnant with a customer who stalks her

My mother was very cruel to me...its as if I was never really her son
I thought i was an adopted, but i never opened any conversation to them about it
I am different among my sibblings...I never looked like them
One day, my older sister pushed me to get out to my room
and have my own life that Im starting to age and at this time
I should have a job...and so I applied to be a driver in Qatar

I went to the agency office with Girlie...
I was interviewed..

interviewer: "Good morning! Im Laila, what's the job you're applying?"
Ricky: Driver
Laila: I see...but your a Registered Mechanical Engineer
Ricky: I just wanted to have a job...any kind of job
Laila: Well, we have a vacancy for Mechanical agency..I'll refer you to them
Just take this exam, if you passed..we'll give you the sets of requirements that
you have to give to us.

I left with Girlie..but from that day, I cant stop thinking about Laila.

I passed the requirements, and I searched for Laila
but I just learned from their co-worker that she already resigned.

I flew to Qatar, I left Girlie...she promised me and I also promised
to her that we will write each other through letters..

Monday, February 13, 2012

getting inspiration

Ive been broken lately!
is that a good inspiration??
not really for me
I could write and make stories..if I feel happy

and since its valentines day!!!!!!!!
im searching for a particular incident that would
tickle my imagination through and through
to make my butt sit down and write that moment
that will swept off my feet...

Whenever I write I put my speaker off
and headphones ON...and feel only the music and me
and listen to my brain what is telling while it dictates my heart
how would I feel

happy valentines day everybody!!!!
make me inspired by following and commenting on my stories..!^_^

he is my dates
he's yummy
a little evil
but has the most sweet eyes and smile

Friday, February 3, 2012

Music and Destiny part 18 : the end

Minna's Part

in one day I wrote 100 letters to Ivo with it are pictures of me

I surrender myself to the surgery

I told my mom
"If I couldn't make it! give my letters to Ivo once a month"
My mom couldn't help but just nod in agreeing
because she knows im dying

Ivo's Part:

Im very happy that my wife is doing fine but year after year
I felt that she's already slipping away with me
one day she wrote me a letter that we have to have divorce
I wrote back to her...I told her I am not going to do that
she wont even answer my call
her mother is also unresponsive...

its been 3 years...I told her im going to see her
I reserved a plane to her country
but I didn't received any reply
I thought she would be excited to see me in the airport or
like came to see me there...

I went to their house and I met her mom
she welcomed me...
she asked me to stay on Mina's room
I asked her where she is!
her mother told me she'll be here anytime soon
so I waited and looked around her room
it was dusty..and its like the things were not used at all
then I saw this box, I opened it! and saw tons of letters
I read them one by one

everything was a lie

until I read the last letter...

"Ivo, I could be gone by this moment! forgive me i didn't tell you the truth
I wasn't strong without you...I should've be with you...the pictures I told you
that I have been to several places were edited...I did all the letters in one day
because I really missed you a lot..and I cant help myself but talk to you through
this letter..Im sorry..I wasted your time waiting for sorry for all the lies
but the part where i  really LOVE YOU is the truth and the best part of my life
you are the most special thing that has ever happened to me, I always dreamed of
being married, and you made it come true, you were my dream and forever it will be
I dont want to stop writing this letter because this will end...and i dont want this to be
the last thing you'll ever heard of me...Life has snatched me away from you
and I needed to disappear for you to move on...4 words you were my destiny"

I arranged the letters, and went out of her room
her mother wasn't there so i went home immediately
my life was empty...I felt like I have broken one of my arm
and I can not function..I grew old...I adopted a beautiful girl
and named her I missed her so bad..that I needed someone
to be with and I needed to call her name everyday as I live
I would tell my little mina how her mother sings beautifully
I also read her the letters she gave to me...I hav lived and now
I am exactly near to the end...I cant wait to see her again
Im not afraid to die...because I know I have someone to be with in there
and this time it will be forever
I am Ivo and this is our story...she was my music and I was her destiny.

Music and Destiny part 17: she cant die

Ivo's Part:

I stayed with Mina after the concert
she wasn't my everything now...she became my life
then I saw her..opened her eyes
"Mina! Its are you feeling?"
"I cant feel my body!" she said
"let me call the doctor!" Ivo rushed out of the room
as soon as he came back with the doctor
Mina was already standing and dressed
"Ms Mina I think your'e not yet ready to be discharge in the hospital!" the doctor advised
"I'm okay" Mina said
"Mina! just listen to the doctor!" Ivo added

then the doctor reminded "Mina, I need to talk to you for a second"
"are you having headaches lately?" the doctor assessed
"yes! I though it was from my busy schedule" she answered
"it wasn't" the doctor gave her a serious look

"what is it?" she asked in confusion
"you have a brain tumor and surgery is needed" the doctor informed her

I am married to mina and now i thought of the possibility of me being alone!
she looked at me...with her misty eyes...I cant help myself but cry too

Mina insisted to go home despite of her condition
I talked to her about the surgery but she wanted to go home back to her country
It makes me sad that I cant be with her...but i feel helpless
knowing that im just a planned husband...we fell asleep
I slept beside her in our bedroom...just to make sure she's still breathing and alive
I watched her all night...I thought of not seeing I might spend the night
watching her till everything fades away
but the night just let me sleep....I woke up and then she's gone
she left me a note with her recent photo

I never had so many tears to shed for a woman
and she's the first
I could make my flight right away to her country
but I dont want to spoil her effort getting away from me
I know her...she'll be mad at me
Mina I will always remember!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

music and destiny part 16: way to their hearts

I was raved with anguish...
I am so mad that I came home with that frowned face
Ivo went over to sit beside me and had the nerve to ask
"what's wrong with you?"
I looked at him..and i cant utter the words
I dont even know where to start
I keep shooking my head implying "I cant do this anymore"
but he suddenly stroke my hair and touched my cheeks
I feel his tenderness as he told me
"this is part of your dream to be a singer, you have to believe in yourself
not to what others believe they thought it was, look! im here..."

I gulped
as a tear cant wait to run down into my cheek
he wiped it off with his thumb
I felt saved
and for no reason, i felt like its time to give him a hug
I cant say thank you for being there
its just all I have to do is hug him
and it tells it all...

the night was over and i had my first gig in a club where
Ivo's band is performing...Im their opening act

the host introduced me
and as I was called to be on stage
I can already hear the "BOO's" of the audience

The spotlight turned on...and I cant see nothing but darkness
but Im still hearing the boos and words i dont understand
I turned back and saw Ivo
he nodded to me and said "you can do it!"

I handed over the microphone
and started to sing

♫ I am made to sing a song
Ive been 
watching all along
one more step 
I am going on
but I cant live all alone  ♫

♪ I have made my dream come true
but I am nothing
without you
Ive gone so fast
to be in this
is it hard to trust
to me 

I am made to sing a song
but with you
I am so strong
one more step
i am at ease
one more step
to earn your heart
near to me ♪

and suddenly i heard the people screaming my name
and that was my last performance on the stage
I passed out
and I couldn't lift my arm


Ivo rushed to get Mina and get her a medical assistance as soon as possible
Ivo was terrified....He cant be with mina in the hospital, his show must go on
instead...Mr. Franco accompanied Mina to the ER
the doctor ordered an MRI...after a series of test
the doctor appeared to Mr. Franco

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Music and Destiny part 15

I was busy with my rehearsal



and in weeks of preparation
with the help of Mr. Franco

I was on stage for my debut

everything was perfect
not until I was in the magazine saying
I flipped the pages and there I was a photo with Ivo

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music and Destiny Part 14

"Dear Diary, Good Morning! Its a brand new day for dream starts today
Ivo is still sleeping in the couch..I wonder why im so feeling contented just seeing him
sleeping in his couch through a small opening at the door....Im having a long day today
and its going to be a blast....rehearsal, photoshoot, recording, and rehearsals again in just
a week..and then my debut...its funny how things gone fast!"

truly yours Minna ♥

"MINNA!" Ivo shouted but nobody replied
"did she just got out without telling me?" he added

Ivo took a shower
after a while...Minna came back to the apartment

"IVO? are you there? I forgot my cellphone!" Minna announced
this time nobody replied...

Minna remembered she left the cellphone in the bathroom
she rushed to the bathroom and saw IVO

"HI minna?" Ivo welcomed
Minna screamed and shut the door
and realized for a moment that she needed her cellphone
"UHM~ Ivo...I think my cellphone is right there at the sink...can you
pass it to me" Minna said
"Well you can come in and take it yourself" Ivo replied
"Im not joking! I need it now or I'll be late for practice" Mina said annoyingly
"Hang on!" Ivo said

Ivo walked over to the sink and find her cellphone...
he watched left to right..and scrolled over Mina's phone
He smiled

"Minna! Here's your cellphone! I never thought I'd be your Wallpaper" Ivo chuckled
Minna blushed as she grab her cellphone from Ivo's hand while the door is incompletely
shut.."Its nothing Ivo!" she added
"whatever Minna!" Ivo said then walked back into the tub again
this time mina got curious, she cant help but sneak into that small opening of the door
she looked back..she covered her eyes..but part of her..wants to see

Monday, January 30, 2012

Music and Destiny part 13

IVO's Confession

I saw my beautiful wife
she was sitting at the stairs
I cant help but be myself
and her lips is irresistible
especially when she pouts about living with me
I cant help but give him my kiss
and make her shut up...

I have felt the right thing
I knew it was right
but things are complicated

I went to the living room
I left her alone at the stairs....unsure of herself
If only I could tell her everything I felt

I myself is confused
maybe I could tell her after her debut
that's right!
I will tell her everything....

Mina's thoughts

There is no way this man is in love with me
He's way too perfect and famous for me
I am just a nobody from an alien world
what is with him??? he's taking too much of this wedding thing
...this man is crazy...I cant believe i marry him
...I myself cant forget how he kissed me
could it be Im falling for him????
oh no im in trouble....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music and Destiny part 12

And I saw Him waiting there
My breathing started to get heavy...
My fake father beside me
started to say
"Dont worry Im not gonna let you slip"

I walked on the isle
and I cant keep my eyes off at Ivo
He looked happy

I was looking at him the whole time
the wedding ended with a kiss
this time I felt very comfortable with him
and we went out for some magazine photos again
and went home

I was so tired..
I was walking in the hallway of the apartment
and I noticed that there's already a lock in my apartment's door
Ivo was there at my back
"your'e not going there honeey~! you already live here"
pointing at his apartment

"oh no! I forgot"
I said while giving him the uncertainty look
I entered his apartment
and sat on the stairs

I was just wondering where the hell am I going to sleep??
I asked

"Beside me...Honeey~~~" he answered

I replied
"You gotta loose that Honeey~ thing, that's actually annoying"

He moved closer
and gave me a kiss on my forehead
I remained silent
He was an inch away from my face
its not even an inch
maybe less than an inch
I can feel his nose in to my cheek
stroking down to my lips
my eyes where wide open
I gulped
my heart was thrusting out of my chest

and I was happy but at the back of my mind:
is this the truth already???

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Music and Destiny part 11

We went to the set of the Pre nup photo shoot
it was a forest...

Mr. Franco:
"ok! guys...I want you to look good in photos
this will be in the make it more believable"

"aye aye sir!

"Im doomed! I dont know what to do?"

The photographer went in
"uhm! ok! you should look very happy and we'll do kissing photos later"

I saw Ivo stretching...and said "Mina, Dont fall in love with me
remember Im just helping you ok! your'e one lucky girl..."

"SHUT THE F*#( UP" I shouted
after several shots the photos were like a total DAMAGE

everything was AWKWARD!!!
then both of us heard

The photographer talked to us
"Imagine Ivo is your everything and so do you Ivo"

MINA: for one split second I thought of being my ownself
as I part this moment were I thought of surrendering myself
to him...

IVO: I was looking at this woman beside me
I said to myself..what if this is the truth...if only I can only tell her
what I really feel. But I cant do that its not the right time
but for just this moment, I'll be myself...and surrender to her

He threw me into the grasses
and suddenly I felt his lips into mine

Friday, January 27, 2012

Music and Destiny part 10

The wedding

Mina's Part:

Mr. Franco came this afternoon and introduced me with my Personal assistant and publicist
I still cant believe what I am into right now! Its like I turned into this celebrity
in one night!..Im happy but Im terrified...and Im going to get married tomorrow???
My mom will kill me!!!!!!!!!!

the next thing happened I was at Mr. Franco's car with Ivo
Mr Franco asked "what's your favorite color mina"
"Peach!" I answered
"so lame!" Ivo uttered annoyingly

I was thinking...this person is such a bipolar...he's snob the next time he comes closer
he's nice, I cant read him!...

then we arrived to this wedding store
where I get to choose my wedding dress
while entering the store
I still cant believe Im marrying this person right next to me
its like just days ago..he said "Im following him and now Im marrying him"

and the lady accompanied me inside this curtain and made me tried few dresses
and said "madamme! you look beautiful in this dress"

the suddenly the curtains were lifted up
and I saw Ivo's face...He's not happy at all
I thought he'd be like ..."WOW"
instead Mr. Franco complimented me...

Then I was sitting waiting for Ivo's turn
then the curtain was lifted

I wanted to look blunt
but he look really gorgeous in those tuxedo
I cant help walk around near him and look from head to toe
"oh my gosh! that's sexy"
how can someone look like this??? he's too perfect

Mr. Franco broke the moment
"we have a pre-nup photos! at 4pm"
I talked to him.."this is a fake wedding right???"
No its not! he replied
Ivo then came and said
"unfortunately its not a fake wedding! Immigrant officers will will you present a fake wedding? are you even thinking"

I looked at him with an are-you-kidding-me FACE

then I made my reality check!
there's no way Im gonna live with this kind of person
he annoys me...

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