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Friday, November 26, 2010

love and innocence last part

Billy and Sherry went to barbados to forget the bad things that they have gone thru...

it feels like heaven where the ocean is reflecting the vast blue sky
the birds are chirping
and the sound of waves is just as relaxing as though it is carried by a gentle wind
the sun is about to set as the couple sets the mood for a very serious conversation

sherry: "my dear.....what is your dream??"
Billy : "I cant ask for anything right now...Im happy that your around that's all that counts to me"

"what is your dream????" billy asked

"It happened already!!!" sherry stood up and held her hand over his abdomen
"your'e going to be a father....billy...I am pregnant"

billy in shock hands over his head...big eyes wide open
" a father.."

he hugged sherry

"this is the happiest day in my life" billy said while his tears is pouring down
"I am glad you are my only one" sherry said


Saturday, November 20, 2010

love and innocence part 20 (at the court)

Billy entered the court
after so many long hours of investigations
sharing of conversations, presentation of evidences

the lawyer of Billy...said

"your honor...I would like to present you our star witness
who was at the same time in the occurence of the crime"

the court's room opened

Billy saw much alived
but she's in the wheelchair

Billy watched over her until she got to the chair....
promised to tell the truth and nothing but the truth

lawyer: "can you please state what is your relationship with Mr. Billy"
sherry: "he is my boyfriend"
lawyer : "can you please narrate what happened, and how did it end up with
an 11 killed people"

sherry told the whole story......

after the jury had their meeting
the verdict of the judge came

secretary of the Judge: "according to the constitution of this country Republict act 6522....Billy against the people of this found...NOT GUILTY.....though, he must pay for the burial of the 11 people
he killed"

parents, bodyguards and sherry was very happy for Billy.

"thank you very much sherry." Billy said

love and innocence part 19 (the speech)

"father!" billy said
"my son, it is time for you to take over the dragon clan" his father said
"I know that you have struggles..but you dont have to worry about it....
We will take care of the girl..."his father reassured Billy

"We are here for you son, I'll make sure that your love one is safe"
his mother said

Billy...relieved..from so much burden....was energized
and made his way to their ancestral's house

after a long ritual of passing the position to him
as the boss of Dragon Clan...he made a speech

"Good Evening Everyone...I am here in front of you as your new leader
I have always taught by my parents to respect the people around you 
so they would respect you too....I am very proud that this Clan...has never
been involved in illegal transaction..We have been doing business for a long time
This Clan is a great body of power...because of a vast connection all over the world
I do not own this clan...You and Me....We are part of it...I as your leader will just be a role model
for all of you..we might kill people as necessary, its because we are not protected by
the law, we are the enemies of the I am encouraging preserve
the dignity established by our group, minimize killing. What happened to me will serve as a
guide for you...If I didnt kill those 11 armed person...I might be dead right now!
or I might lost the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life

tomorrow I will go to the court....I have a hearing
they have the evidenced that I have killed the 11 armed people
although I have my reasons....I still killed persons...

I may be sent to jail...But I will always return to my family
and my family is this clan....YOU are!!!!!

men in black suits.....stood up and shout for Billy

love and innocence part 18

On T.V.

news anchor : "Mr. Billy of a well known clan here in our country was accused of
being the principal master mind of the killings near the abandoned factory of Spills company
He is now being chased with the police, he was last seen in a hidden camera of the factory
in combat with the 11 unknown people. His lawyer made the statement, that he will not
answer questions at the moment, unless summoned by the court"

Billy was watching....

Sherry the only witness, who can testify that Billy is innocent
is at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital
unconscious, bedridden and restless

Billy is hoping to come to the hospital, to see sherry.
but it will be difficult because press and media are all over
behind looking for his lost shadow...
He cant go there..or else they will also find out about sherry
and her life will put into scandal

tomorrow morning....Billy recieved a call from his parents

love and innocence part 17

"11 people killed" (headlines on the front cover of the newspaper)

sherry was a witness...she was in a state of shock
if she was looking at Billy...its as if she doesn't knew billy anymore
as if she was looking to another man.

sherry was silent the whole hour at the house with billy
already safe....

but her mind is in full of thoughts

"do you like to go to the hospital?" billy asked.
"No, I will be fine after a week" sherry answered

"I have something to tell you sherry.." billly said

"I am really sorry to put you into this trouble, It was never my intention
to put you into this situation...I love you...and I want what is best and safe for you.
If you are tired being with me just tell me...I will set you free...but it will always be you
no other else...I'll never find better than you..If leaving you will set you free from this harm
that I have caused..I think I have to say goodbye this that you will be
back to normal"

sherry looked at Billy.....tears are starting to fill the spaces into their eyes

"I dont want to be alone again....If I will suffer with you...then let it be..
I cant live without you.." sherry said

they embraced each other's arm
they never felt warm...they were safe and stronger together

as Billy was holding sherry's body
He felt a deep breathe from sherry
he was holding sherry's back..

sherry felt tired and dizzy.....then she dropped her body into Billy's arms
as sherry fell into Billy...He looked at his hands

blood....Sherry was stabbed at the back
she did not noticed because she was in a state if panic and shock...
Billy called his bodyguards
and  rushed sherry to the hopsital
without Billy....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

love and innocence part 16

and sherry was waiting..alone in the room together with the kidnappers

the kidnappers made a call..

"you have to destroy your clan" the kidnapper said
billy: "you know I can't do that"
"you cant do that...not without telling you that I am going to kill the girl"
billy : "she has nothing to do with a man..are you afraid to fight me?"
"I know that is reverse psychology, I am smarter than you are billy"
billy : "what do you want...?"
"i siad it already..I'll release the girl once the clan is destroyed already

"DONT DO THAT BILLY, I'LL BE ALRIGHT!!!!!!" sherry shouted

billy's eyes opened...he knew that it was sherry

billy never did what the kidnappers want
the clan is his family...and sherry is the whole world to him
so he decided to go there alone

kidnappers "I know he would do this....Id better kill him, so that I may get a promotion
from our boss"

billy was approaching alone...

then the rain starts to pour

there was 11 armed man approaching billy with their dagger

"ahhhhhhhh" billy shouted

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

love and innocence part 15

one of the kidnappers went in to the room saying
"your time has come"

the two were escorted out of the huge factory building
they can see the bodyguards of billy

but there were no police

a boyguard...went near to them...and handle them the bag full of money

billy and sherry was saved...

not until the kinapper took out his gun
and hold sherry's hand

billy shouted..."NO""
"please! no, dont hurt her...."

"GO!!!!" the kidnapper said "or I will kill the girl"
he took the gun into sherry's head

the bodyguard pulled billy...

again they were torn apart

Billy made his last glance..."this is not the last day Im going to see you"
"I shall return"

love and innocence part 14

sherry opened her eyes from a deep sleep
she knew that it has something to do with billy
she woke up an heard somebody called her name


sherry : "billy?????"

and the two met again

sherry : "what is going on here???"
billy : "my family got stuck in a dangerous mafia syndicate, the mafia lost billion dollars of investment
and they are hunting me and my family...I missed you so much"
sherry : "why does it have to be me..?"
billy : "because they knew Im with you"
sherry : " what do they want??"
billy : " they will only let us free if my parents pay the ransom"
sherry: "so, this is why I havent seen you in years"
billy: "I am really is never my fault"

sherry is mad at herself....she hated billy for so many years
not knowing that he was suffering here...

they can only see themselves...the both are still away
sherry is still on the floor and billy is tied up in the bed
as much as they want to embrace each other
all they do is bow their heads
cry and pity themselves...

Friday, October 29, 2010

love and innocence part 13

sherry resigned...and left the office
she decided to make her own company of greeting cards
as sherry was....the company was a success in 3 years.

though successful, rich and famous
she remained down to earth and simple as always
she moved to a penthouse, but ounce in a while

she visits her old house every friday.

she stepped out of her car
and her neighbor called her attention

neighbor : "someone was looking for you, but I told him you move to another place"
"he just left 3 minutes ago."

sherry's grew larger
she knew it was billy...she immediately turned and look around
she ran into the sidewalk...hoping that he was still around walking
she searched for each street around the corners

catching her breathe...

somebody grab her
covered her mouth....and she fainted
sherry was carried to the van

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

love and innocence part 12 (pain is calling)

days have past..until days become weeks
weeks become months...

He is gone...I wonder where he is now
Am I just going to wait for him, think of him all the time
hoping that the day will come, where he will knock at the door
or will this be forever....?

sherry has this thoughts
she never felt that love before.

she went to the mountains
and decided to leave everything there. so that when she return
it will be a new Sherry

sherry shouted
"billy, dont come back anymore!!! I have to forget all the things about you
you are my first love why do you have to ruin it. you were even my first kiss
why do you have to leave me...I miss you so much"

sherry's eyes becomes misty, as the teardrop cant be stop to pour down her cheeks
she silently told herself
"I want my old self. I have to do things now without thinking of you"

sherry experienced first love and felt the first heart break
she never knew what is it like to break up, her mind is left unsound
she never knew what to give up or hold onto a love

sherry went down the mountains
she felt like she have removed a big needle stuck in her heart

Monday, October 25, 2010

love and innocence part 11 (suddenly....)

3 men in their black suit went in forcefully in sherry's apartment
they jumped over sherry and billy
and gunfires where all over the place
then it stopped

the man said "im sorry sir, bu this place is dangerous! we must leave asap!"
billy: "sherry, stay with me"
the man said "I dont think its possible sir"
billy looked at the man furiously "it is possible" billy shouted

sherry never saw billy that mad ever since so she said
"billy, im ok here!"
billy : "c'mon your not safe here!"

the man said "sir, if you want to protect this lady we have to go without her"
billy: "sherry, i will settle this first, make sure you lock the door i will
be that clear?"
sherry : "yes..take care"

billy walks towards the door.
sherry closed the door, until she found out that the lock is broken
"oh my Lord! how am i going to sleep?"

love and innocence part 10 (you are mine)

sherry's face turned red
billy : is that your first kiss?
sherry nods her head ..."yes!"
billy ruined sherry's hair like touching the head of the dog
as if sherry is like a kid to him
billy : "darling you are so cute"
sherry : "darling? is that what you are calling me?"
billy : " what do you want me to call you?"....ahhh dog poop!
sherry: "that sounds gross!!!!"
billy : "i thing that sounds cute"
sherry : " whatever"

sherry sits over billy's lap...and said
"you are mine now, because you are my boyfriend"

billy : "you are mine now because I am your boyfriend"
sherry: " things fly too fast, isn't this normal?"
billy: "as long as we feel for each other then that's what matter most"
sherry: " you are crazy"
billy: " yeah, im crazy for you"
sherry: " you dont have to tell me everything from now on"
billy looked at sherry as if he was confused "why"
sherry: "lets just put things this way...i just know that you know everything about me
so what I need is you tell me about yourself"
billy : " that's a deal"

sherry wrapped her arms around billy's neck and they both fell on the floor


Monday, October 18, 2010

love and innocence part 9 (.....)

sherry brought the coffee
she sat on the end part of the sofa
and slowly the ambiance is starting to change...

billy dropped his cup and started to move towards sherry
sherry held both her if she already knew what billy is trying to do

they were both so close together
billy point out something....."look there's a spider"
sherry looked...and billy kissed him

sherry felt if her heart is about to explode
and the room was full of silence

billy : "did It surprised you? my lips are kinda dull right now" (saying while looking around)
sherry : " should I kiss you?"
billy : " do you want to kiss me?"
sherry : " how could you answer me another question?"
billy : "ok just forget about it"
sherry : " actually my lips has been dull"
billy looked at sherry and kissed her in her lips

love and innocence part 8 (billy's truth)

billy: ok im a boss.....of everything
billy point out the four corners into the wall
Billy : "you see that..? that's a camera...Im a dangerous family is in a long running business clan
and everybody is hunting me so they could get any of my money. "100 steps away from us are 2 snipers
they are watching us right no, you can give a glance if you want."

sherry : "I cant believe this."
billy : "you wanted the truth, I give everything to you"
sherry : " i need to go back home"

sherry went out of the house
billy run after her

billy : "see..this is the reason why I dont want you to know will just leave me like the others"
"I thought your'e genuine sherry.."
sherry : "and I thought your normal, we are from both different should be with someone in your own level"
billy : " I cant think of nobody else....since I met you"

sherry looked into billy"s eyes....she knows he is telling the truth...

sherry : Ok! I believe in you....
billy : "sherry, why wont you give it a try...I and me"
sherry bows her head and nods....
billy smiled...and took sherry home

it was raining....
and they stood into the door
billy : ugh....its been a long time since I experienced rain
sherry : do you want to get inside, have some coffee?
billy : yeah...
as sherry turns back to open the door
billy made the biggest smile....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

love and innocence part 7 (

sherry: "where are we?"
billy : " this is my place"
sherry : "this is a cheese farm"
billy : "yeah! I own this"
sherry : "my mom love your cheese"
billy : "and I made them"
sherry : "you are different in a good seem to be good at changing topics"

sherry at the back of her mind is saying
"what the heck am i doing inside this man's house..He might kill or rape me"
billy : "Im really sorry for taking you into my house"
sherry: "its ok, as long as Im safe"
billy : "look who's talking...I should be the one who's gotta be safe"
sherry : "what do you know?"
billy : "that you bully boys in high school"

sherry who is sipping the choked out and grab her bag immediately
she ran out and billy followed her

billy: "hey! what's the problem"
sherry : "how do you know those things?"
billy grab her hand and sherry turned
she said "I dont know you! I think your'e a dangerous person..are you a mafia boss"
billy : "that's why I brought you into my place to know me"

sherry looked at him...

billy : "there's no bus in here..ok! I'll just take you back"
billy look for his car keys...and as he turned...he found sherry

sherry : "how did you know everything about me. tell me the truth"

billy said....."my father owns a detective agency"
sherry: why?
billy : I just wanted to be sure this time
sherry: why?
billy : you dont need to know
sherry: why? Im asking you...because I dont know anything, Im here to know you right!
billy : you wanna know me!? do you like me?
sherry : dont change the topic
billy: ok I'll tell you....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

love and innocence part 6 (awkward date)

sherry : "so, what's your favorite color?"
billy burst out laughing.....
billy : "is this your first time to go on a date?"
sherry : "is this a date?"
billy: "I believe it is..when a girl and a boy goes out on their own its a date"
sherry: "oh.."

then a cool wind drops off..and the atmosphere changed

billy: do you want to go somewhere?
sherry: " do you have plans?"
billy: I do....
sherry: "that sounds fun...........ny

billy smiled....and stood up
Billy : c'mon...
billy took sherry's hand and said "Can I?"

sherry never answered but one thing she felt for the first time
her heart is pounding really hard...
 and went straight ahead to the car

love and innocence part 5 (i fall for him)

And she entered the cafe
she made a disguise so that if billy is there
she wouldn't look familiar

she go straight ahead inside
and took her camera in her bag

sherry : "oh my Lord! I forgot my camera"

sherry dissapointedly went towards the door

and saw Billy..with a camera

billy : "need a camera?"
sherry : yes?
Billy gave the camera
after sherry took a picture...
sherry : "can I borrow the camera?"
billy : "its all yours.."
sherry : " I cant take it..that's too much"
billy : "no, I really bought that for you"
sherry : "do you know me, because I never met you before?"
billy : "I already know you, can I offer you a coffee?"
sherry was stunned, and was locked looking at billy's eyes
billy....knew then it was her..the one...the special girl

Sunday, October 3, 2010

love and innocence part 4 (about billy)

billy is also a simple man...
he never lied to anyone...except when he is in love
he was the son of the 50th generation of Dragon gang
fierce but he always stay calm.
he doesn't go out with his body guards

he likes adventure and currently likes someone......sherry

Billy : I never seen someone like her before, she is genuine and pure
but fragile...I am willing to give up everything for her

love and innocence part 3 (about sherry)

sherry is a simple girl and she gets whatever she wants
she's 22 free spirited and confident...except for one thing

she stood up in front of the window

sherry :  (in her thoughts).....what if I never ran in that coffee shop,
what if I just answered his is going to be imperfect if I'm not with someone
I better be more open about myself or else...I'll end up like my mother.

sherry grew up in a broken family
she saw her mom beaten badly by his father

in high school...she was known as a lesbian
because she beat every boy who just stared at her.

in college...she never accepts suitors
because she still believes that man hurt women
physically and emotionally.

now that she's working...she drown herself to his working table
both in her office and her home...
she doesn't know the word "rest"
if she has off time during saturdays and sundays
she usually go to different kinds of coffee shop and take a picture of it...

sherry : "OMG! I forgot to take a picture of the coffee"

now, sherry planned to go to the cafe again
but she wondered if the man is still there

love and innocence part 2

sherry is catching her breathe after running as fast as she can
she take a look at her back...if the man followed her

"phew....thank God he's not around" sherry sighed.

sherry got back home safe and sound

but Billy.....

spotted her while going inside sherry's house
"she's perfect!" he said.
"Im going to take a visit sometime"

Thursday, September 23, 2010

love and innocence part 1

"the man is looking"
"he has the brightest smile, I have to look somewhere or else I'll be drawn into him"

sherry, the girl full of dreams, has encountered a love for the first in her life

she was in the cafe..
the trees are brightly green, and she can feel the warmth of the coffee.

the man approached him
"hi, are you alone?"
sherry, who never felt nervous...she stood up abruptly..
..that shook the table and spill her coffee..
"are you alright?" the man said
sherry lowered down her head and covering her face
she ran towards the door.
the man just look over her...smiling

sherry :
that man smiling at billy
he told me he's a freeman....
but there's so much mystery in him
I wish I can talk to him straight in the eye

Thursday, August 19, 2010

my next story

Ive been thinking about a new story
that would interest selecting
a nearly related to the reality and somehow a little bit
of fantasy...I guess the hardest thing in making a story is
establishing a character....its hard....

well I guess....practice will make things perfect
with will, consistency and hardwork

peace guys!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

lovely korean vacation chapter 14 *ending*

chapter 14

Kylie: "I was very happy with him, We're not really planning to get married but we are living together
I have been employed to one of the biggest advertising company based here in south korea, and my job has never been this happy before, he makes me breakfast every morning. I was really amazed whenever I  saw his face right in front of me, snoring and sleeping. I am constantly in contact with my parents and they were very happy with my decision. I always make a time to chat them once in a while. and they are coming to make a visit and to meet chamin. I am very supportive to chamin's botique he has expanded his business, and different companies and individuals are asking fro a franchise of his business. Ive never been this happy. Really happy
I never thought of a vacation that will be a forever stay beside someone I can rely on.

lovely korean vacation chapter 13

chapter 13

While on the plane, kylie was seeing how chamin will react if he sees her
She was hoping that everything will still be alright, just like before.
After an hours of travel, she finally landed to the airport
She bought something at the airport for Chamin. A sunglasses

Kylie went directly to Chamin's botique
Kylie was shocked 
She found Dana in arms of Chamin, happy together

Chamin's eye spotted Kylie, running away he threw Dana's paper bags
and run as fast as he can, until he reached Kylie in tears
"what you saw, is not what you think" Chamin said "I missed you a lot"
Kylie was speechless, Chamin thought she was not believing every word
He walk back


Kylie hugged chamin behind, "please dont leave! I have left everything"
"Im now staying , If you'd accept me" Kylie said
Chamin turned around and held Kylie tenderly
"welcome, saranghaeyo"
"I love you, chamin"

lovely korean vacation chapter 12

Chapter 12

So the plane landed in the Philippines with Kylie
sad, preoccupied, and worried.
she rested for 8 hours and was called for work

"We missed you Kylie?" Kylie's boss said "we got so much work to be done"
Kylie started to sit in front of her laptop, and tons of papers
she feels that she cant even hold a piece of paper

(the phone rang)

"Chamin!" Kylie shouted.
"Its your boss kylie, and who is Chamin" 
"Oh! Im sorry, what is it?" Kylie answered
"The biggest company in Manila has entrusted us to do a big event
everything should be accomplished by the end of the month ok...?" her boss said

Kylie thought...that she's going to stay for a month
and she was so foolish to forget chamin's phone number
confused then but as kylie was
she gets everything done at the end of the month
After seeing the major event successfull

she had recieved big offers from different parts of the world
as she was holding a meeting for the evaluation of the event
she stood before a big crowd and said

"Ive been inspired these few months, that's why I came up with such a successfull
event! Its been years since I've been working so hard, and I need a break
I am very thankful with such big offers that has opened to me, I was really blessed
to have the creativity and the ability in this field. I think I have achieved this much at my age
and its time for me to settle down"

Kylie raised her hand, she's holding a ticket and said
"this is the ticket where my inspiration and my heart belongs to"
I hope together with me you al will be happy....
that is why on this day
I'll be resigning from my position as your head of this department
I'll miss you and wish me luck on my new path

Sunday, February 7, 2010

lovely korean vacation chapter 11

chapter 11

It was kylies 7th day
they were both sleeping.
Kylie's phone rang
Kylie was very tired to get up, so Chamin woke up to get her phone

after seeing the message on the phone. Kylie looked at Chamin blankly
"what is it?" chamin asked
"I have to go back to my country" Kylie replied
"Is it about your work..?'' Chamin asked again
"yes. but I'll be back soon or will you go with me?" Kylie said
Chamin brushed his hair up... an said "I have a business here, nobody will take care of that"
Kylie paused a while.
"when are you going back" Chamin asked
"TODAY..." Kylie answered
"What!!!!" Chamin looked pissed
"I'll be back" kylie said as she hold chamin's face "You'll wait for me right?"
suddenly the wind coming form the window stop to breeze....

Chamin was blankly staring at Kylie, as if he knew she'll never come back
He dont know what to do.
Kylie started to cry and bowed her head down
"no no no dont cry, we'll see each other after your work right?" chamin asked
"yes..." Kylie said

on that day Chamin helped kylie packed her clothes and sent Kylie to the airport
Chamin left Kylie on the front door of the airport
He smiled at her and said "I wont go inside, I feel like stopping you but I knew it was your work
even though you dont said much of that, I knew it was important to you."
Kylie stopped sobbing and put her head unto chamin's chest and said 
"I'll be back"

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