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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The old woman who despise love

when it comes to the last person in the lane
how come there's no person who come and stay...
all of them go and leave me....

Fate must've hated me
if I like him...he's probable taken or in love with someone else
If He likes me....I dont like spark and all

I try to meet men
but they all was looking for something I can not give
not until I get a ring on my finger
whenever I turned into this conversation with them
they dont like my idea..

He then starts to ignore me
He then starts to say goodbye
He talks about things i dont like
make things to hurt me...

I know that there's this person who will perfectly
understands my situation...
problem is..they are billions of them! out there...somewhere
I try to be observant as I meet, know and talk to them
but sometimes...its tiring to find that someone
will swept off my feet...

I grew hopeless everyday
learning that Im all alone

I have all...
all the things to be happy...
but the thing that will make me happier
is the only missing part of my life

Im growing old....
I pass each days as if
I have wasted another time without that special person

Im worried about me..
I'll be alone all my life right after I grew tired of searching for him...
tomorrow is a step....days and days pass I become weak

I was betrayed by love
nobody likes me

my head is tired finding from left to right
there's no time to love anymore

my hair turned gray
and my skin sagged and crumpled

My body has become heavy that I might not be able to stand
Everyday I woke up with a sight of white ceiling
Then at night my eyes become worn out unable to carry the
heavy eyelid....then I realized it never opened

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