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Friday, November 26, 2010

love and innocence last part

Billy and Sherry went to barbados to forget the bad things that they have gone thru...

it feels like heaven where the ocean is reflecting the vast blue sky
the birds are chirping
and the sound of waves is just as relaxing as though it is carried by a gentle wind
the sun is about to set as the couple sets the mood for a very serious conversation

sherry: "my dear.....what is your dream??"
Billy : "I cant ask for anything right now...Im happy that your around that's all that counts to me"

"what is your dream????" billy asked

"It happened already!!!" sherry stood up and held her hand over his abdomen
"your'e going to be a father....billy...I am pregnant"

billy in shock hands over his head...big eyes wide open
" a father.."

he hugged sherry

"this is the happiest day in my life" billy said while his tears is pouring down
"I am glad you are my only one" sherry said


Saturday, November 20, 2010

love and innocence part 20 (at the court)

Billy entered the court
after so many long hours of investigations
sharing of conversations, presentation of evidences

the lawyer of Billy...said

"your honor...I would like to present you our star witness
who was at the same time in the occurence of the crime"

the court's room opened

Billy saw much alived
but she's in the wheelchair

Billy watched over her until she got to the chair....
promised to tell the truth and nothing but the truth

lawyer: "can you please state what is your relationship with Mr. Billy"
sherry: "he is my boyfriend"
lawyer : "can you please narrate what happened, and how did it end up with
an 11 killed people"

sherry told the whole story......

after the jury had their meeting
the verdict of the judge came

secretary of the Judge: "according to the constitution of this country Republict act 6522....Billy against the people of this found...NOT GUILTY.....though, he must pay for the burial of the 11 people
he killed"

parents, bodyguards and sherry was very happy for Billy.

"thank you very much sherry." Billy said

love and innocence part 19 (the speech)

"father!" billy said
"my son, it is time for you to take over the dragon clan" his father said
"I know that you have struggles..but you dont have to worry about it....
We will take care of the girl..."his father reassured Billy

"We are here for you son, I'll make sure that your love one is safe"
his mother said

Billy...relieved..from so much burden....was energized
and made his way to their ancestral's house

after a long ritual of passing the position to him
as the boss of Dragon Clan...he made a speech

"Good Evening Everyone...I am here in front of you as your new leader
I have always taught by my parents to respect the people around you 
so they would respect you too....I am very proud that this Clan...has never
been involved in illegal transaction..We have been doing business for a long time
This Clan is a great body of power...because of a vast connection all over the world
I do not own this clan...You and Me....We are part of it...I as your leader will just be a role model
for all of you..we might kill people as necessary, its because we are not protected by
the law, we are the enemies of the I am encouraging preserve
the dignity established by our group, minimize killing. What happened to me will serve as a
guide for you...If I didnt kill those 11 armed person...I might be dead right now!
or I might lost the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life

tomorrow I will go to the court....I have a hearing
they have the evidenced that I have killed the 11 armed people
although I have my reasons....I still killed persons...

I may be sent to jail...But I will always return to my family
and my family is this clan....YOU are!!!!!

men in black suits.....stood up and shout for Billy

love and innocence part 18

On T.V.

news anchor : "Mr. Billy of a well known clan here in our country was accused of
being the principal master mind of the killings near the abandoned factory of Spills company
He is now being chased with the police, he was last seen in a hidden camera of the factory
in combat with the 11 unknown people. His lawyer made the statement, that he will not
answer questions at the moment, unless summoned by the court"

Billy was watching....

Sherry the only witness, who can testify that Billy is innocent
is at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital
unconscious, bedridden and restless

Billy is hoping to come to the hospital, to see sherry.
but it will be difficult because press and media are all over
behind looking for his lost shadow...
He cant go there..or else they will also find out about sherry
and her life will put into scandal

tomorrow morning....Billy recieved a call from his parents

love and innocence part 17

"11 people killed" (headlines on the front cover of the newspaper)

sherry was a witness...she was in a state of shock
if she was looking at Billy...its as if she doesn't knew billy anymore
as if she was looking to another man.

sherry was silent the whole hour at the house with billy
already safe....

but her mind is in full of thoughts

"do you like to go to the hospital?" billy asked.
"No, I will be fine after a week" sherry answered

"I have something to tell you sherry.." billly said

"I am really sorry to put you into this trouble, It was never my intention
to put you into this situation...I love you...and I want what is best and safe for you.
If you are tired being with me just tell me...I will set you free...but it will always be you
no other else...I'll never find better than you..If leaving you will set you free from this harm
that I have caused..I think I have to say goodbye this that you will be
back to normal"

sherry looked at Billy.....tears are starting to fill the spaces into their eyes

"I dont want to be alone again....If I will suffer with you...then let it be..
I cant live without you.." sherry said

they embraced each other's arm
they never felt warm...they were safe and stronger together

as Billy was holding sherry's body
He felt a deep breathe from sherry
he was holding sherry's back..

sherry felt tired and dizzy.....then she dropped her body into Billy's arms
as sherry fell into Billy...He looked at his hands

blood....Sherry was stabbed at the back
she did not noticed because she was in a state if panic and shock...
Billy called his bodyguards
and  rushed sherry to the hopsital
without Billy....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

love and innocence part 16

and sherry was waiting..alone in the room together with the kidnappers

the kidnappers made a call..

"you have to destroy your clan" the kidnapper said
billy: "you know I can't do that"
"you cant do that...not without telling you that I am going to kill the girl"
billy : "she has nothing to do with a man..are you afraid to fight me?"
"I know that is reverse psychology, I am smarter than you are billy"
billy : "what do you want...?"
"i siad it already..I'll release the girl once the clan is destroyed already

"DONT DO THAT BILLY, I'LL BE ALRIGHT!!!!!!" sherry shouted

billy's eyes opened...he knew that it was sherry

billy never did what the kidnappers want
the clan is his family...and sherry is the whole world to him
so he decided to go there alone

kidnappers "I know he would do this....Id better kill him, so that I may get a promotion
from our boss"

billy was approaching alone...

then the rain starts to pour

there was 11 armed man approaching billy with their dagger

"ahhhhhhhh" billy shouted

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

love and innocence part 15

one of the kidnappers went in to the room saying
"your time has come"

the two were escorted out of the huge factory building
they can see the bodyguards of billy

but there were no police

a boyguard...went near to them...and handle them the bag full of money

billy and sherry was saved...

not until the kinapper took out his gun
and hold sherry's hand

billy shouted..."NO""
"please! no, dont hurt her...."

"GO!!!!" the kidnapper said "or I will kill the girl"
he took the gun into sherry's head

the bodyguard pulled billy...

again they were torn apart

Billy made his last glance..."this is not the last day Im going to see you"
"I shall return"

love and innocence part 14

sherry opened her eyes from a deep sleep
she knew that it has something to do with billy
she woke up an heard somebody called her name


sherry : "billy?????"

and the two met again

sherry : "what is going on here???"
billy : "my family got stuck in a dangerous mafia syndicate, the mafia lost billion dollars of investment
and they are hunting me and my family...I missed you so much"
sherry : "why does it have to be me..?"
billy : "because they knew Im with you"
sherry : " what do they want??"
billy : " they will only let us free if my parents pay the ransom"
sherry: "so, this is why I havent seen you in years"
billy: "I am really is never my fault"

sherry is mad at herself....she hated billy for so many years
not knowing that he was suffering here...

they can only see themselves...the both are still away
sherry is still on the floor and billy is tied up in the bed
as much as they want to embrace each other
all they do is bow their heads
cry and pity themselves...

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