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Friday, November 6, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 7

"Oh, I have a magazine here it's about Jeju island is it beautiful there?" kylie said
Chamin replied "I'll take you there and you tell me if it is beautiful?"

The two of them pack their things and flew to jeju island
they arrive afternoon, it was kylie's 4th day in korea.

They went to the seaside, it was afternoon and the sun is tilting high on sky
Kylie is a beach lover
"Oh, I love beaches. I always dreamt of living in a house with a beach view"
Chamin smiled "I was born here, and I never planned to come back again"
"Is there something wrong?" kylie asked
"Kylie, do you have a father?" chamin asked.
"Im very close to my father, I find him protective and caring to me and my sibblings
He is thoughtful and fun." kylie shared.
"you're very lucky to have a father!" chamin said
"c'mon tell me what's on your mind" kylie said
"I use to see my father as a hero, He's a cop but he died on a robbery operation here in jeju.
After that me and my mother went to seoul and lived our life, somehow being in here is like remembering how great he was." Chamin said
"I'm sorry for what happened" kylie uttered
"it's alright since your here. Your making me smile" chamin said and he lifted kylie and run on the white sand.

It was a happy day for kylie and Chamin
not until they saw Dana walking along the beach and said
"Chamin, what a coincidence? I never knew you were here."
Chamin said "what a surprise?"
on kylie's head "why is she a pain in the a**"

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