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Friday, November 6, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 7

"Oh, I have a magazine here it's about Jeju island is it beautiful there?" kylie said
Chamin replied "I'll take you there and you tell me if it is beautiful?"

The two of them pack their things and flew to jeju island
they arrive afternoon, it was kylie's 4th day in korea.

They went to the seaside, it was afternoon and the sun is tilting high on sky
Kylie is a beach lover
"Oh, I love beaches. I always dreamt of living in a house with a beach view"
Chamin smiled "I was born here, and I never planned to come back again"
"Is there something wrong?" kylie asked
"Kylie, do you have a father?" chamin asked.
"Im very close to my father, I find him protective and caring to me and my sibblings
He is thoughtful and fun." kylie shared.
"you're very lucky to have a father!" chamin said
"c'mon tell me what's on your mind" kylie said
"I use to see my father as a hero, He's a cop but he died on a robbery operation here in jeju.
After that me and my mother went to seoul and lived our life, somehow being in here is like remembering how great he was." Chamin said
"I'm sorry for what happened" kylie uttered
"it's alright since your here. Your making me smile" chamin said and he lifted kylie and run on the white sand.

It was a happy day for kylie and Chamin
not until they saw Dana walking along the beach and said
"Chamin, what a coincidence? I never knew you were here."
Chamin said "what a surprise?"
on kylie's head "why is she a pain in the a**"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 6

chapter 6

" jealous?"

"let's go somewhere..." kylie asked
" where do you want?" chamin replied
"take me somewhere..." kylie said with her big round eyes
" are you alright?" chamin asked, then he smiled.

silence prevailed in about 10 seconds, looking at each other
kylie frowned. and said "you dont want to go?"
"we havent finished the food.." chamin said
"im already full" kylie said
"haraso (ok!) lets just packed this foods" chamin asked the waiter to packed the foods

both of them left the restaurant, kylie was holding chamin's hand leading their way out.
as they are aproaching chamin's car...
chamin stop and looked at kylie and said "dont drag me im not a child."
kylie was surprised, it was her first time to see chamin angry.
they went into the car, they felt awkward...
chamin was busy driving, kylie was looking at the window

"im sorry, for acting like your mom.." kylie said and bowed her head.
chamin laughed out loud. "mother?"
"you said you were like a child, so I thought ....never mind" kylie explained
"apology accepted" chamin said and he hold kylie's head...and said "dont do that again..ok?"
"ok! but your really weird that time" kylie said while he looked at chamin
"are you jealous with Dana?" chamin asked seriously
kylie bite her lips and moved her head onto the window
"is that a YES!?" chamin asked " going nuts, your very unpredicatble.. i just love everything in you.."
"what do you mean?" kylie said curiously
"I love your way."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 5

Chapter 5

"she's only a bestfriend"

They wlaked into the parking lot and Cha min arrived with a black mercedez benz.
"is this yours" kylie. poiinting at the car
"yes" Chamin answered
He opened the car door for Kylie, he also went in. Cha min held the seatbelt and attached it near Kylie.
So they drive until the bakeshop is near.
He parked and opened the door of the car where kylie was sitting.

They went in to the bakeshop, Chamin took kylie's Jacket and they went to the table near the piano. The waiter approached ans asking what to order. Chamin replied in korean,

"Kylie, Im going to see my bestfriend can you wait for a while? chamin said
"ok!" Kylie said

15 minutes later the food arrived. It was beautiful and it looks delicious

Kylie saw CHamin with his bestfriend, suprisingly she was a girl with about 168 cm, slim, fair complexion. Though Korean she had double eyelids. Chamin and his besfriend went near to Kylie.

"Kylie, this is young Dam Nara"

"you can call me DaNa" she said
"its nice meeting you dana." Kylie offered her hand
but Dana didn't gave her hand, instead she bowed saying
"Its nice meeting you too."

"join us" Kylle trying to be very patient but pissed off
"Im afraid Chamin wouldn't want me to disturb you" Dana replied

Chamin held Kylie's waist and said "we're matched from heaven are we?" cha min asked
in korean
"of course chamin! would you mind I have a meeting with my business partner. Kylie you are very lucky" Dana said.
"i know that very well" Kylie answered

Then Dana turned around. Chamin and Kylie enjoyed the meal. After eating a whole bunch of cake (korean). Kylie said "did you date her?"
"how did you know?" chamin was shocked.
"I can feel it" kylie said, she bowed her head as if disappointed.
"Are you jealous?" Chamin asked. Kylie was silent.
"she's just a bestfriend, everything else was left behind the past"

Kylie moved beside Chamin and said " I trust you!" and she suddenly pinched chamin's cheek. "and if I know that you'll be flirting with another girl. you'll be dead!"
Chamin stared at Kylie wierdly and began to laugh.
While laughing Kylie saw Dana peeking at the corner of the comfort room, she was looking at Kylie madly and envied.

"I wont let Chamin near her." on Kylie's mind

lovely korean vacation chapter 4

chapter 4

After that romantic night, Kylie waked up at %:30 am. "Im late" she shouted. Then she realized she wasn't working, that she's on a vacation. so she slept again.

7:30 am, someone knocked at the door.

"your breakfast is here ma'am"
"ok, just leave it outside" kylie replied

she was crawling as if exhausted, her hair was all over her face, while kneeling on the floor she unlocked the door knob. He saw a rubber shoes, dark blue jeans, a belt and a white T-shirt with prints on it. "HERE I COME"

Kylie' seyes grew larger, she immediately locked the door. but the man outside knocked persistently.

"Kylie! it's me Cha min"

"Huh?!" kylie said.
She saw Cha min's face on the monitor beside the door. The first thing Kylie said
"Oh my gosh!" wait !"
in a flash! within 5 minutes she brushed her hair, toothbrushed and changed her pajamas with a comfortable t-shirt and jeans. With a smile, she said to Cha min "Anyong"

"ah! you've been studying korean " Cha min was surprised
Chamin kissed Kylie's forehead "Good morning!"
Kylie blushed
"so where are we going today?" Cha min Asked
"Uh! maybe anywhere, but! how about a food trip" kylie suggested
"ah! I have a bestriend who bakes, she had a wonderful bakeshop downtown" Chamin said excitedly
"oh ! Im excited. just wait for me here. I'll go change my clothes" Kylie explained

While Kylie was not around. Cha min found out her passport and ticket where, there Chamin found out that Kylie will leave after 9 days. he looked sad, after a while.

Then he was startled and saw kylie on a white dress with prints of red roses on it.

"you look beautiful, are you seducing me?" Chamin said
"is it working?" kylie asked
they both laugh aloud
"I have something for you" Kylie said as she stretched her hand and gave the gift box to Chamin
He was surprised and excitingly unwrapped it. He found a black suirt. Kylie helped him fit the clothes.

"Do I look Cool?" Chamin asked
"You look handsome" Kylie replied

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 3

DATE ME!!!!!!!

Cha min is patiently waiting outside his botique the road was dark and the only light you can see through was the tarpualin of his shop.

"Cha min!" Kylie shouted
" What took you so long? " Cha min asked
" I got lost, I cant remember the road I've been, Im sorry" Sincerely said by Kylie
" That's ok, my friends already left to the club, Where do you want to go?'' Chamin asked
"How about in the skating rink, can you teach me to skate?" Kylie asked excitedly.
"Aish, is that all? Ok! Lets go there" Cha min agreed.

While in the taxi to the skating rink, chamin asked " what do you do?".
"I work as a Manager of the Advertising company in Philippines, I went here for a vacation"

The awkward ambiance is slowly fading, their conversation goes deep. For the first time Kylie have laughed a loud. It was an open skating ring with tress around, and lights are all over it. It was a pretty romantic moment for Kylie, she felt overwhelmed with the place, where she had never been.

Chamin came back after getting Kylie's shoe skate, When Kylie was about to stand up, chamin pushed her down, Kylie sitted and was shocked. chamin removed kylie's boots and make the shoe skate wore her. Kylie in silence began to melt like a butter, though it's cold and freezing. People began to stare at them, some koreans clap for them. Kylie was statued, while chamin started to make kylie impress. He start gliding and sliding, after a while he hold kylie's hands. Kylie thoughts at that time " he's a man without few words, but he does mean everything to me."

Very well, truly action speaks louder than words. At that time, Kylie fell and There was chamin to held him up. After an hour skating, kylie thanked chamin for being patient in coaching to skate. Suddenly kylie said "Date me!"

"OKay!" without a hesistant chamin replied
"why did you answer quickly? I thought you should've ask before answering!" Kylie explained.
"I dont what's the reason kylie, the first time I saw you. I knew it was you! I really felt something here, something special" chamin said while he was holding kylie's hands and putting it into her chest. they were closely facing each other the warmth of their breath, making a smoke all over them. Kylie moved her face on the side, chamin laughed out loud. "Is it your first time?"
"never mind, lets just skate again!"

Friday, August 7, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 2



While Kylie heads to the Tourist's counter, her phone rings... "hello, hey so are you the korean that im supposed to meet, really your here in the airport, what were you wearing?" Kylie smiled a little. "a white t-shirt with print on in saying 'here I come' "

Kylie was feeling a little wierd, "I smell something's wrong" until she spot someone with a t-shirt with prints on it 'here I come' "f*&%, that big liar i thought he did have a beautiful smile in his photo" with a big disappointment, kylie went ahead to the tourisdt counter, get her bag and out of the airport.

She visited the dating website she found, and she did realize that "I guess everything here in the internet is not true." she rolled on the bed "haiiiii.....when will he come?, OHHH! what am I doing in this beautiful place, I have to get out fo here"

Kylie never knew it was nearly winter, all of her clothes were like sleeveless. So she decided to go on shopping. She walk in thru a Red walled clothing shop, and she saw a big gray sweatshirt. She remembered someone, it was her sister Priya, she wanted this kind of clothes. So she went in hesitantly because it was a men's store. A korean man with a height of 170cm medium built approached her.

"What is it you like?" said in korean, "uh, i dont speak korean" kylie respond. "Can I have the gray sweatshirt displayed outside?"

"Oh yes you can, but you may not" said the korean with a smile

Kylie felt insulted, and was about to leave the store, thinking if not only for her sister
"I would like to buy the shirt displayed outside, So if you want to earn money get it and Ill pay for it." Kylie shouted as if she was in her advertising department.

"Haraso!" means OK! in korean, said by the man

The man was talking korean with his teller. "She's mad boss!" He nodded
"No, I think she' scute" while wrapping and finishing the reciept, the korean man asked kylie "what's your name?"

"Why?" kylie asked with her eyebrows up

"For the reciept ma'm" the korean man said while looking at her
She breathes deeply and said " Kylie Planes"

"27" the korean asked

"excuse me? do I know you?" kylie replied

"Im Cha min, 29, manager of this store" he replied while smiling

Kylie while looking at Cha min, saying something at the back of her mind "He's special"

"do you have somthing to do tonight?" the gentle Cha min asked

"none, not at all" Kylie utterly replied "why am I stammering?"

"I think you like me.." Cha min said

Kylie sighed and followed it with a smile and said "what a proud man"
Cha min laughed "is it ok, 7pm here at the store?"

"sounds fun, Im in, its nice meeting you here" said Kylie

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lovely korean vacation chapter 1

Chapter 1

Choose me!

At that time I felt exhausted, with my whole life dedicated only to the company I work. atleast they are paying me with a reasonable salary.

I was known as the "witch of the advertising department" employees under my supervision knew me as a perfectionist and the visionary, "EVERYTHING MUST BE DONE ACCORDING TO MY PLAN" that's my motto. "hay...they've been good to me, but have i done good to them? I dont know"

I was alone all my life, and I never did anything to socialize. Everyone around me are scared, maybe shy, or maybe they find me wierd. Hugh! I really dont know

Everynight, i feel terrible being alone. so I go online just to search for something fun to do.

Now Im going to tell you a story, this is where it all started. I was looking to this pictures cid=53

yeah! I was planning to go on a vacation, to refresh my mind, look for the world as a vast place with different directions to move in. And what came into my mind is something that would make my adventure exciting.

I was never really like this before, I feel like i did something naughty.... so here's what i have done.. I went to a dating website and i tried to sign up... over the homepage I clicked the button "search your soulmate" over the options I selected the country South Korea and I selected 29 as the preference age. As I go on along the pictures, I saw a man. I said to myself, He'll be perfect. so I cliked the button "choose me" I did send a message to meet him, but i was stupid to forget to tell him the details. I guess I was over excited.

The next thing I did, Letter of leave, passport, tickets, visa, hotel reservations and myself.

I opened my account on the dating website again, he replied "Ill wait for you" my heart goes jumping up and down. and my mouth was opened for 15 seconds. i said to myself, this is it
the next 2 days I was at the airport. The rest of the hour in the airplane is my hour of realization, how can he possibly knew that it was, that in fact i had no pictures in my account on that dating website. It means its me who have to approach him. Oh God! what have I done.

I try not to bother....huh okay....its an adventure... i wanted it to happen spontaneously... not according to my plan....

Kylie waited for 3 hours and 22 minutes...until the airplane finally landed...

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