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Sunday, March 14, 2010

lovely korean vacation chapter 14 *ending*

chapter 14

Kylie: "I was very happy with him, We're not really planning to get married but we are living together
I have been employed to one of the biggest advertising company based here in south korea, and my job has never been this happy before, he makes me breakfast every morning. I was really amazed whenever I  saw his face right in front of me, snoring and sleeping. I am constantly in contact with my parents and they were very happy with my decision. I always make a time to chat them once in a while. and they are coming to make a visit and to meet chamin. I am very supportive to chamin's botique he has expanded his business, and different companies and individuals are asking fro a franchise of his business. Ive never been this happy. Really happy
I never thought of a vacation that will be a forever stay beside someone I can rely on.

lovely korean vacation chapter 13

chapter 13

While on the plane, kylie was seeing how chamin will react if he sees her
She was hoping that everything will still be alright, just like before.
After an hours of travel, she finally landed to the airport
She bought something at the airport for Chamin. A sunglasses

Kylie went directly to Chamin's botique
Kylie was shocked 
She found Dana in arms of Chamin, happy together

Chamin's eye spotted Kylie, running away he threw Dana's paper bags
and run as fast as he can, until he reached Kylie in tears
"what you saw, is not what you think" Chamin said "I missed you a lot"
Kylie was speechless, Chamin thought she was not believing every word
He walk back


Kylie hugged chamin behind, "please dont leave! I have left everything"
"Im now staying , If you'd accept me" Kylie said
Chamin turned around and held Kylie tenderly
"welcome, saranghaeyo"
"I love you, chamin"

lovely korean vacation chapter 12

Chapter 12

So the plane landed in the Philippines with Kylie
sad, preoccupied, and worried.
she rested for 8 hours and was called for work

"We missed you Kylie?" Kylie's boss said "we got so much work to be done"
Kylie started to sit in front of her laptop, and tons of papers
she feels that she cant even hold a piece of paper

(the phone rang)

"Chamin!" Kylie shouted.
"Its your boss kylie, and who is Chamin" 
"Oh! Im sorry, what is it?" Kylie answered
"The biggest company in Manila has entrusted us to do a big event
everything should be accomplished by the end of the month ok...?" her boss said

Kylie thought...that she's going to stay for a month
and she was so foolish to forget chamin's phone number
confused then but as kylie was
she gets everything done at the end of the month
After seeing the major event successfull

she had recieved big offers from different parts of the world
as she was holding a meeting for the evaluation of the event
she stood before a big crowd and said

"Ive been inspired these few months, that's why I came up with such a successfull
event! Its been years since I've been working so hard, and I need a break
I am very thankful with such big offers that has opened to me, I was really blessed
to have the creativity and the ability in this field. I think I have achieved this much at my age
and its time for me to settle down"

Kylie raised her hand, she's holding a ticket and said
"this is the ticket where my inspiration and my heart belongs to"
I hope together with me you al will be happy....
that is why on this day
I'll be resigning from my position as your head of this department
I'll miss you and wish me luck on my new path

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