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Sunday, February 7, 2010

lovely korean vacation chapter 11

chapter 11

It was kylies 7th day
they were both sleeping.
Kylie's phone rang
Kylie was very tired to get up, so Chamin woke up to get her phone

after seeing the message on the phone. Kylie looked at Chamin blankly
"what is it?" chamin asked
"I have to go back to my country" Kylie replied
"Is it about your work..?'' Chamin asked again
"yes. but I'll be back soon or will you go with me?" Kylie said
Chamin brushed his hair up... an said "I have a business here, nobody will take care of that"
Kylie paused a while.
"when are you going back" Chamin asked
"TODAY..." Kylie answered
"What!!!!" Chamin looked pissed
"I'll be back" kylie said as she hold chamin's face "You'll wait for me right?"
suddenly the wind coming form the window stop to breeze....

Chamin was blankly staring at Kylie, as if he knew she'll never come back
He dont know what to do.
Kylie started to cry and bowed her head down
"no no no dont cry, we'll see each other after your work right?" chamin asked
"yes..." Kylie said

on that day Chamin helped kylie packed her clothes and sent Kylie to the airport
Chamin left Kylie on the front door of the airport
He smiled at her and said "I wont go inside, I feel like stopping you but I knew it was your work
even though you dont said much of that, I knew it was important to you."
Kylie stopped sobbing and put her head unto chamin's chest and said 
"I'll be back"

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