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Thursday, September 23, 2010

love and innocence part 1

"the man is looking"
"he has the brightest smile, I have to look somewhere or else I'll be drawn into him"

sherry, the girl full of dreams, has encountered a love for the first in her life

she was in the cafe..
the trees are brightly green, and she can feel the warmth of the coffee.

the man approached him
"hi, are you alone?"
sherry, who never felt nervous...she stood up abruptly..
..that shook the table and spill her coffee..
"are you alright?" the man said
sherry lowered down her head and covering her face
she ran towards the door.
the man just look over her...smiling

sherry :
that man smiling at billy
he told me he's a freeman....
but there's so much mystery in him
I wish I can talk to him straight in the eye

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