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Saturday, September 8, 2012



yes, I was...I cant even open my mouth when he's around

He was a common stranger..I never knew his name
but I always see him during my morning trip to the train
he would always wear this perfume that smells like the sea
it reminds me of my childhood memories
a comfort remembrance that takes me back where i belong

One day, I have a vacant seat at my right side
I was hoping it was his place, a reserved seat and
a permanent place in my heart. I was busy over the
cold winds that touches my face unto the open windows of the train. 
Then somebody sat beside me

It wasn't him.Of course! how will somebody seat beside me
no one will dare...everyone disgusts me because im overweight
and ugly. I looked over to my right and was surprised
I was was him..he looked at me..specially my face
I cant stand the stare so I continues to pay attention to the
view in the window...I started to breathe hands are closed
30 minutes passed, and i was exhausted
paying attention to him. I closed my eyes for a moment..


she was amazingly simple
I dont know her name..but the glances that lasts in seconds was
already a gift to me whenever I rode the train going to my work
every morning wasn't complete not until I see those eyes and stare

I always make a brush of air from my coat whenever I pass through her seat
its just beautiful seeing those waves of hair freely dancing upon her bare face
that face were only i could have her approval to put a smile on its landscape

Its funny how I look behind her, i already had her kissed upon my lips
I already hugged her a thousand times
I already caught her waist..and pulled close to me..

then the time came where i have no seat to choose to but her beside

I think she never i'd love to connect and share this feelings for her
I turned into my glance, then I caught her head over my shoulders...
I wish she could stay like this for a while.
I felt the rush over my veins back to my heart. I am at the edge of my seat

I pulled her off..since I was to get off the train..
she's still calmly sleeping..


I woke up and saw he wasn't there..
at my surprise I saw a note sticked onto the back of the chair facing me

Seeing that note...i took the courage not to glance at him the next day
I gave him a wave and a smile..
from then on we never part

Love story from (c) Clai 2012

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