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Thursday, January 7, 2010

lovely korean vacation chapter 8

Chapter 8

"I just think we should leave now" Chamin said, he looked at Kylie and winked
Kylie was about to burst her laughter, in her thoughts "He knew me well"

After leaving the beach they went in to the hotel for a rest
"two rooms please" Chamin said in korean
the butler replied "We have one left room for a couple"
Kylie looked confused and anxious
Chamin made a wink to the butler and said "okay, we'll take the room"
Kylie shouted "Is there any other hotel here?"
The butler answered "there's no other hotel near here, the other will took 6 kilometers away. And there's no bus today its Holiday today"

Chamin was smiling grimly and Kylie got her eyebrow raised and worried

So they went in to the room. " the room is nice" chamin said
" nice" said by stammering Kylie
Chamin jumped onto the bed and Kylie sitted
"It;s been an exhausting day, we need a rest." chamin said while his arms is widely stretching over Kylie's body and he held her tight
"isn't it nice to be with someone in this cold place" Chamin said
Kylie uncomfortably stood up and said "I'm going to the restroom"
Chamin laughed silently and said "she was pure and fair"

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