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Thursday, January 7, 2010

lovely korean vacation chapter 9

Chapter 9

Kylie open the restroom's door
and get straight into the bed. Chamin was already sleeping

Kylie's Diary
5th day of my vacation here in Korea
I was happy to see him, I hope he was the one destined for me
I know that I maybe possessive in times, but he always understand and knew what I want
He was just a simple guy, he was totally out of my prince charming
though he was my knight in shining armour
I may have left my home, but I think his heart is where I belong

Kylie suddenly closed the book and looked at Chamin who just woke up
Kylie jumped into the bed and said "rise up you'll be touring me around here"
and kissed his forehead, down to his nose and his lips...both were closing each others' eyes
then they stopped and stare. Kylie said "the butler delivered us a breakfast, I'm already hungry"

and so they eat
and prepared for the new adventure ahead

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