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Sunday, March 14, 2010

lovely korean vacation chapter 14 *ending*

chapter 14

Kylie: "I was very happy with him, We're not really planning to get married but we are living together
I have been employed to one of the biggest advertising company based here in south korea, and my job has never been this happy before, he makes me breakfast every morning. I was really amazed whenever I  saw his face right in front of me, snoring and sleeping. I am constantly in contact with my parents and they were very happy with my decision. I always make a time to chat them once in a while. and they are coming to make a visit and to meet chamin. I am very supportive to chamin's botique he has expanded his business, and different companies and individuals are asking fro a franchise of his business. Ive never been this happy. Really happy
I never thought of a vacation that will be a forever stay beside someone I can rely on.

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