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Sunday, March 14, 2010

lovely korean vacation chapter 13

chapter 13

While on the plane, kylie was seeing how chamin will react if he sees her
She was hoping that everything will still be alright, just like before.
After an hours of travel, she finally landed to the airport
She bought something at the airport for Chamin. A sunglasses

Kylie went directly to Chamin's botique
Kylie was shocked 
She found Dana in arms of Chamin, happy together

Chamin's eye spotted Kylie, running away he threw Dana's paper bags
and run as fast as he can, until he reached Kylie in tears
"what you saw, is not what you think" Chamin said "I missed you a lot"
Kylie was speechless, Chamin thought she was not believing every word
He walk back


Kylie hugged chamin behind, "please dont leave! I have left everything"
"Im now staying , If you'd accept me" Kylie said
Chamin turned around and held Kylie tenderly
"welcome, saranghaeyo"
"I love you, chamin"

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