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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music and Destiny part 3

As soon I was awake...
things are kinda blurry...I saw 4 people and they were looking down at me
and I heard a voice.."move move move"

"she's awake!"

I tried to sit down and shook my head
rubbed my eyes..and say "where am I?"

"Your'e in my were robbed and you passed out"
"thank you, what's your name?" I asked
"Ivo..." he said

"thank you Ivo....I have to go I have some appointment, what time is it?"
"its 8pm.." he answered
"ok...i have to move now!" I said...I tried to stand up but things get blurry again
I was about to fall..but somebody got me...I touched his arms and I looked up
"It was you....the sexy front of my door!" I said, and suddenly I felt embarrassed
I shouldve been tackless about saying things...specially here in a country where I dont belong

"aha! so you thing Im sexy ha!" Ivo replied

Then I closed the door...I was so stupid...I didn't even had the chance to thank
him for the last time...I closed my eyes..and took a deep breathe
I have to get things back to normal and so I started looking at my passport
and wallet....Thank God I have my Wallet and passport in my coat

My phone rang and I answered..
"hey! did you arrived safely?" my mother asked
"I did!" it was a lie...but I thought it will be a good idea not to tell her
or she'll be paranoid and have a heart attack.
"im ok mom! i have to hand getting ready for the concert!" I bid my
goodbye and press the phone...

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