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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Music and Destiny part 4

IVO's Part:

I saw this girl...or I may say she's asian.
I can see her eyes dazzling as she chooses to pick among the tasty looking bread
I supposed he didn't knew me...I was really amazed by her beauty because
it was out of common...out of the box
She was like a surprise..

I got to go to my room my band mates are waiting for me
while I open the door to exit
my fans started screaming....

I felt someone following me
I frequently look back but i make sure that I dont fully
reveal my face...I dont want another photo of me in the internet
or in the newspaper with another false issue
This days I get a lot of publicity
I might say that it contributes to our gigs
but most of it was depressing and untrue

I felt like the following was endless...and Im nearly to my apartment
so I looked back, because I felt like I was being invaded
especially my privacy..and I know its too much
I didnt like this kind of action
I love my fans...but I dont want them to love me because of my
personal affairs rather bother my Music instead

I looked back and saw the girl I saw in the bakery
she was shocked...I asked if she was stalking me?
she did not understand...I forgot that she look like a tourist
so I translated it "ARE YOU STALKING ME!!"
but wait...maybe stalking is not a good word!
"Why are you following me?"

as soon as she started explaining...
I cant even hear what she's saying
but I kept looking at her face
I waited a moment to see what she's doing
I supposed she moved to the next apartment
she walk in at that I went in to my room
but before I finished unlocking the knob
I heard a loud scream....
I went into the room..and saw her passed out
I helped her..and throw her into my couch

I noticed her things are not there in the room
I was looking for an identification atleast
but none..I found nothing...
I remember what I watched on tv last night..
a new robbery was out in the city and most of the victims are tourists..
Poor girl....should I help her

after a few hours...I saw her waking up
she asked "where am I?"
I told her she was in my apartment, she thanked
I thought she was really cute even after waking up
she thanked me...and I was really happy...but I kept my snob face in pose

she tried to stand up..and she was shaking
I went near trying to help
but she my arms..and she was looking at me
my heart was about to explode
then she said something that broked my snob expression
"It was you....the sexy front of my door!"
"aha! so you thing Im sexy ha!" I replied
she rapidly walked out of my apartment...

I knew from then on that she likes me
and I like her too....

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