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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love doesnt age part 5: A good father

A new place a new life
I knew I have won over my demons

this time I have kept up from my daughters and my beautiful wife
I cook them meals everyday
I go to groceries and a lot of household chores for them
I dont care if I was tagged as a HOUSEBAND
because I love doing things like this for them.

I have been doing this things for nearly 10 years
I am all clean
closer to God
a good father, wish i was a long time ago

Then suddenly
I didn't woke up...
I recognized my wife's hand shaking me
hearing her voice

the next thing I saw when I opened my eyes
was my eldest daughter's face
everything was white
she said I was in the ICU...and has been sleeping for 3 days already
I have recovered so very greatful that i have a daughter

the next day I was at our home...
I still went to my doctor for post check ups
and the last meeting with him I remember...
the doctor asked my wife to leave the office at the moment
because there was something he needs to tell me..

that my liver has reached its last stage
and I have to leave this world
any time soon...

I went out the doctor's office with a smile..
my wife asked but i never told him the truth..
I know she'll be devastated...

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