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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love doesn't age part 3: Serendipity

Life has been good enough to me...I have moved on to what happened

I went to the local grocery store and I saw this tall lady
who looked very familiar to me...
I took my steps to get near her, and i was surprised it was her
the beautiful woman who interviewed me..I am so glad to see her
but why does this heart keeps on beating like its coming out of my chest
I look at her in slow motion
and I can see her bright eyes....

from then on

I would always visit the grocery to visit that beautiful manager Laila
my feet is always taking me to this grocery even if i dont have any
needs to buy at all...
I have sent her roses
recorded  lionel richie's song "hello" with my voice and send it to her
send her hundreds of letters...with my kisses on it
I am in love again

I knew from the time i saw her again on that grocery
"She'll be my wife"

time has passed by and I asked her to go home with me
She agreed and right after we landed...
the next week...we got married in the court
the next week...we got married in the church

and so I vowed to love her forever

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