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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love doesn't age part 6: The day I part

I was crying alone in the house
when my eldest daughter sent me this sms

"daddy! I got 76/100 in the exam...I promise I'll
pass the Nursing Board exam, I'll be your nurse..
I know I was called to do this, because I am destined
to take care of you...I love you daddy, do u still have
a fever?"

I went to every houses of my friends
with a smile...and I read them this message
and they thought that im really lucky father

My fever is slowly getting higher
my hands are already shaking
and sometimes I just dont feel like
waking up and standing again
until I didn't wake up at all

I can feel what's happening to me
My wife brought me to the hospital again
and this time its worse...
they put tubes on my nose and my mouth
I can feel not only 5 times a needle
struck into my skin...
I have never felt this pain before...
I was agonizing..
I got mad sometimes with my wife
how could she let something happen to me like this?
but I understand, she is doing everything
to save me...she didn't want me to leave
but I am near to give up....its been a week
with this tubes on me..I broke down...I grasp my last breath
I felt someone hold my hand
I knew it was my eldest daughter
Im proud of her...I know its sad to leave at the exact
day of her exam, not an ideal day to leave...but Im already weak
that I can't stand another day anymore

one more breath....and that's the last....
I felt the pain slowly going away...
and yes I have seen the light
and I heard the voice of my wife

"Goodbye Ricky, I love you and I will miss you
I know you dont have the pain already, be happy
and look after us..thank you for giving me the love
you have made my life whole, you have upraised me
for who i whatever you have done bad to me
I forgive you, and I hope you forgive me too..
so long Ricky, my love, my everything
and we will see each other someday...together again"

and I continued walking to the light...

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