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Sunday, February 6, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 2 :

so they both went to the nearest restaurant
as they were walking they were very conscious
if there'a a cute guy...nearby

upon entering the restaurant
a tall guy, brown hair and pink lips is about to approach jane
the guy was waving his hand

the guy said " hey! Lizzy...its been a long time"
"Mike? is that you?" lizzy utters as she was confused
"I know your'e confused used to call me "babe" coz i was overweight" mike said
"yeah! but you liked it anyways...(chuckles)" Lizzy replied...

Lizzy pulled Jane near and said "hey! this is Jane....she's my bestfriend"
Jane: "WOW!"
Mike: "hi..jane Im Mike" then he shared his hand for a shake

in jane's astonishment.....she held mike's hand and keeps on shaking

Lizzy: hey! jane...are you ok?
Jane: "I am not....." with her eyes sparkling

Jane pulled Lizzy's arm....and said
"OMG! i think i am in love"
Lizzy said "your'e in love....but you just met"

Mike enters...and said "girls...lets have something to eat...I think you both are hungry"

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