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Friday, February 25, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 4 :here comes trouble

Jane : Holy cow!
she stayed inside the car as the man started knocking at his car's window
she pulled the window down...
she cant face the if she was getting ready to be scolded

the man shouted "PAY ME FOR THE DAMAGES"
jane was startled...and went off the car
the man turned around holding his if he had a headache
he took off his sunglasses...and saw jane

Jane flipped her long hair as the wind makes it messing around her face

uh ...i ...uh...i....(the man started to stutter)
"do you know how much is my sports car? you should pay the damages
or else I will call a police"

Jane said..."look...I am very sorry I was driving recklessly
if we do need something to's my card"
Jane offered her contact card
the man took the card and said "Atty. Jane?"
"yes" jane replied "and you are?"
"I am Thompson and I am an accountant" he said...then made a smile

Jane's mind------
He's kinda cute...oh...he smiled...he likes me...maybe he's the one
we should shake hands....

Jane stretched out her hand
and thompson did as well
"his hands are soft...."

"so I'll give you a call...." thompson said "bye.."

Jane started the car.....and started again.....
thompson noticed it...."is there a problem?" he asked
jane: fine....
thompson : of course your not...wanna ride?
jane: with you?
thompson: there's nobody in there...its just the two of us
jane: I'll be fine...I'll just call my bestfriend...
thompson : wont...ride with a stranger

jane felt bad for him...
as thompson was on his way back to his car
jane stopped him...."hey wait! can you give me a ride to the nearest car shop?"
thompson smile and said "my pleasure"

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