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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 3 : who's mike

after eating...
Mike had to go for his work
Lizzy said "uhm..mike what do you do?"
mike "i had this small botique at the city mall"
Lizzy " i think I need a dress for a ball this week...can you help me?"
mike "my pleasure!.....Jane come with us"

Jane was staring at Lizzy
and lizzy's eyes grew larger...

jane's mind : ugh! she totally forgets me when she's with someone

Jane : Mike! i think I have an appointment...
Mike : you think!?
Jane : yes...Im already a lawyer and I have a client to meet, just make sure
that YOu take care of my bestfriend ok..?
Mike : lets go...lizzy

Mike and lizzy stepped out of the restaurant
after an hour sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book
Jane decided to go home...
as Jane was driving...she remembers Mike...

jane's mind
"I used to call him "babe" come he grown up so much"
and so handsome....what am I thinking?
oh he the one? but my friend Lizzy like him
well its been 10 years since the last time I saw him
we grew up together...since we're neighbors
he used his bike to go for school every morning
and I always tease him because he always fell

but he never gets angry at me
instead he will always ask me get a ride with him
I never accepted that...because I knew that everybody will be teasing me
that he was my boyfriend..ugh! why am i thinking of him

Jane is really focusing all about Mike
while she notice that she was driving unconsciously
she stepped on the break.....the wheels creaked so loud
and a car behind her
bumped into Jane's car


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