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Monday, February 28, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 5 : Lizzy and Mike

Mike was driving
and Lizzy was staring at him the whole time

Mike : dont you get spoiled with my face?
Lizzy : no...I think you're really cute
Mike made this huge laugh.....Lizzy stopped looking at him
and asked him
Lizzy : How long have you known my bestfriend Jane?
Mike : where neighbors back then.....
Mike's eye turned glowy...and Lizzy saw that
Lizzy in despair.....made a sigh......and said to herself
He like Jane....but why? is it about my looks? or am I too girly?

the ambiance started to get awkward as Lizzy started to stop talking
so to break the silence....Mike asked Lizzy
Mike : so what about the ball?
Lizzy : oh, the party? yeah its about the charity for the homeless kids
Mike : what do you like to wear....?
Lizzy was thinking that if she change her style like Jane was
it could be a possible spark for her and Lizzy said

Lizzy : I was thinking of a simple, dark colors, plain colors, no prints and I like Blue
Mike : blue? you like blue?
Lizzy : why?
Mike : it doesn't suit you...
Lizzy frowned
Mike : I mean...I thought you'd like colors like purple, pink, peach or violet
Lizzy : actually I am just a simple know... 

Mike and Lizzy reached Mike's botique

when lizzy made her entrance to the botique...
she was confused....because Mike was a designer of a girls' clothes
so the fitting began..Lizzy tried the dress

Mike: wow lizzy you look stunning! I really thought blue would not blend with your
Lizzy : really....can I ask you a question? (she was asking mike to come closer)
mike move closer to her and said "why?"
Lizzy : are you gay?
Mike chuckles...he touched Lizzy's waist move her closer
he bended his head and touch Lizzy's nose by his pointed nose and said

Mike : what do you think?
Lizzy was closing her eyes, holding her breathe and said "No!"
Mike released her..turned around and made a sigh...

Lizzy's crazy mind:
oh my gosh!!!!!!! what is that..?
and my heart i think its going to burst...

Mike : is the dress ok with you?
Lizzy stuttered.."ye ye ey ye yess"
Mike : are you blushing?
Lizzy kept in silence and nod as if it was a yes

Mike : look! I know you like me....but your'e just a friend to me...
Lizzy looked dissapointed

she sat over one of Mike's working table and said
Lizzy : ok! I like you....a lot....and I know it sound stupid but I also know you 
like Jane....
Mike : ok! now that we have no more secrets together....I wont let you pay the dress...
Lizzy jumped with getting a free dress...and said "thanks Mike"
Mike : uh uh uh uh....but you need to help me with jane...
Lizzy was thinking....

in her head : "If I do this....I could tell the bad sides of jane...hahahaha
and mike will be mine"

Lizzy turn around to mike and said...."ok! that's a deal"
Lizzy went out of the dress shop and made a smirk and uttered

Mike will be mine....hahahaha

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