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Sunday, June 12, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 10

while Lizzy was so happy in love
Jane was making her way to move on and forget about Thompson


lately Jane was observing her window
she always notice and feel that somebody is following her
so he tested the man he suspected...

she came out with her pajamas to go to the nearest convenience store

while she was picking up canned goods Jane's eyes where looking out behind
she felt a hand touching her hips so
she grabbed the hand and twisted it
what's your problem mister? wanna meet me at the court?
im a lawyer!

the man said "I know, jane!" he took the cap off and his sunglasses
"long time no see"

and she ran as fast as she can...
after locking the door
Thompson came running after Jane....shouting
"jane! i am really sorry...i misplaced your number"
Jane : its not an excuse!
thompson : have you been waiting all your life?
thompson : jane! I knew you since you work at the law firm....that my father owned
Jane's mind: so this is not destiny at all
thompson : I never had the strength to come near...just now that I can not take it anymore
Jane: go now!!!!!!!!!!1
thompson : i like you jane....i love you
jane : how can you tell me that!  we just met once
thompson : I knew you a long time ago

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  1. so romantic indeed, Clai i want you to publish your stories my dear!!!


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