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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 9

2 weeks later

mike never saw Lizzy after the "plan"
he misses lizzy and her presence

Mike dialed the phone
and a voice answered!

"hello this is Lizzy! Im at the park to achieve inner peace! just leave me a message!"
Mike dropped his phone and went straight to the park

Lizzy was walking and saw Mike searching someone
Mike was walking straight ahead passing by Lizzy
Lizzy was confused! and said "he passed me by?"
Lizzy : HEY MIKE! she shouted
Mike : Lizzy?......................your hair.......what happened to your hair
Lizzy : well I broke my I made it curled up
Mike : you look like a poodle! I mean....ur cute...but not as cute as a dog
it's like...cute because its a new look but what I really mean is

Lizzy smiled..and went near to Mike
"your so fickle....last 2 weeks you like my you like me?!"

Mike was scratching his head....
Lizzy went into the library
"is this where you are going?" mike asked
Lizzy : i read a lot of books about love....
Mike : its a great topic...many books are created because of love
Lizzy : mike! im not used of you doing like this...what's the deal?
Mike : Lizzy ! I realized that I missed you! and its not Jane that I really like
its YOU!

Lizzy's mind : I remember I read a book that man took several or few weeks
to made up their mind and realize everything that concerns them

Lizzy : so you mean you like me!? but you like Jane before..and she's my bestfriend and she

Mike pushed Lizzy back and kissed her

and said while he was holding a book covering each others' faces
"I really like you.."
Lizzy smiled...and gave Mike a big hug

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