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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 8

Lizzy went into the door (catching her breathe)

Jane opened the door!
"Lizzy! i thought u wouldn't make it?"
Lizzy : change of mike there?
Jane : Lizzy! I need you today...I'm so down!
Lizzy : what?! that thompson just played you?
Jane : i dont know!
Lizzy : do you like mike?
Jane : oh c'mon! he was just like a brother to me
Lizzy : he likes you.....
Jane : I know...but I cant break his heart
Lizzy : what do i do now! i think im falling for him
Jane : I can help you with that!
Lizzy : oh jane! u are really my angel!

Mike : Lizzy!
Lizzy : tell him its not me!
Jane : ok! now go...!
Lizzy ran and went out

Mike : uhmm~~~ jane I have something to tell you
Jane : you like me!?
Mike : how did you know?
Jane : Lizzy told me
Mike : that girl?
Jane : she likes you!
Mike : but I like you
Jane : i am in love with somebody else
Mike : who is he?
Jane : just someone you didn't knew
Mike : so I guess this plan isn't just going to leave
Jane : are you ok with us being friends?
Mike : oh yeah! im ok with that

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