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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 11

Jane opened the door

Jane runned into thompson's arms
"I miss you"
Thompson : "Jane I have something to tell you"
Jane : "don't tell me your'e going to propose"
Thompson on his knees...opened a box...

suddenly things started to flash back..........
Jane started to remember....he saw Thompson before
but she never knew where it was


100 years ago....A girl named Josephine fell in love with a Duke

both of their parents were against their relationship
but the two were inseparable
they meet every night at the bridge

they would always have long conversation about their life and dreams together
But what they do not that both of their parents arranged to separate them
Josephine's family planned to move away across another country
the two were separated....but a promised left to each other
that whatever happens..the Duke will wait this bridge
to see Josephine once more

Everyday the Duke is seen at the bridge...waiting for his beloved
he waited forever....even until his last breathe
even he knew that Josephine was married and had a children

Ever since the Duke's death
the people in their country believed that the Duke is still waiting
even his spirit stays the same....

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