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Monday, February 28, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 5 : Lizzy and Mike

Mike was driving
and Lizzy was staring at him the whole time

Mike : dont you get spoiled with my face?
Lizzy : no...I think you're really cute
Mike made this huge laugh.....Lizzy stopped looking at him
and asked him
Lizzy : How long have you known my bestfriend Jane?
Mike : where neighbors back then.....
Mike's eye turned glowy...and Lizzy saw that
Lizzy in despair.....made a sigh......and said to herself
He like Jane....but why? is it about my looks? or am I too girly?

the ambiance started to get awkward as Lizzy started to stop talking
so to break the silence....Mike asked Lizzy
Mike : so what about the ball?
Lizzy : oh, the party? yeah its about the charity for the homeless kids
Mike : what do you like to wear....?
Lizzy was thinking that if she change her style like Jane was
it could be a possible spark for her and Lizzy said

Lizzy : I was thinking of a simple, dark colors, plain colors, no prints and I like Blue
Mike : blue? you like blue?
Lizzy : why?
Mike : it doesn't suit you...
Lizzy frowned
Mike : I mean...I thought you'd like colors like purple, pink, peach or violet
Lizzy : actually I am just a simple know... 

Mike and Lizzy reached Mike's botique

when lizzy made her entrance to the botique...
she was confused....because Mike was a designer of a girls' clothes
so the fitting began..Lizzy tried the dress

Mike: wow lizzy you look stunning! I really thought blue would not blend with your
Lizzy : really....can I ask you a question? (she was asking mike to come closer)
mike move closer to her and said "why?"
Lizzy : are you gay?
Mike chuckles...he touched Lizzy's waist move her closer
he bended his head and touch Lizzy's nose by his pointed nose and said

Mike : what do you think?
Lizzy was closing her eyes, holding her breathe and said "No!"
Mike released her..turned around and made a sigh...

Lizzy's crazy mind:
oh my gosh!!!!!!! what is that..?
and my heart i think its going to burst...

Mike : is the dress ok with you?
Lizzy stuttered.."ye ye ey ye yess"
Mike : are you blushing?
Lizzy kept in silence and nod as if it was a yes

Mike : look! I know you like me....but your'e just a friend to me...
Lizzy looked dissapointed

she sat over one of Mike's working table and said
Lizzy : ok! I like you....a lot....and I know it sound stupid but I also know you 
like Jane....
Mike : ok! now that we have no more secrets together....I wont let you pay the dress...
Lizzy jumped with getting a free dress...and said "thanks Mike"
Mike : uh uh uh uh....but you need to help me with jane...
Lizzy was thinking....

in her head : "If I do this....I could tell the bad sides of jane...hahahaha
and mike will be mine"

Lizzy turn around to mike and said...."ok! that's a deal"
Lizzy went out of the dress shop and made a smirk and uttered

Mike will be mine....hahahaha

Friday, February 25, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 4 :here comes trouble

Jane : Holy cow!
she stayed inside the car as the man started knocking at his car's window
she pulled the window down...
she cant face the if she was getting ready to be scolded

the man shouted "PAY ME FOR THE DAMAGES"
jane was startled...and went off the car
the man turned around holding his if he had a headache
he took off his sunglasses...and saw jane

Jane flipped her long hair as the wind makes it messing around her face

uh ...i ...uh...i....(the man started to stutter)
"do you know how much is my sports car? you should pay the damages
or else I will call a police"

Jane said..."look...I am very sorry I was driving recklessly
if we do need something to's my card"
Jane offered her contact card
the man took the card and said "Atty. Jane?"
"yes" jane replied "and you are?"
"I am Thompson and I am an accountant" he said...then made a smile

Jane's mind------
He's kinda cute...oh...he smiled...he likes me...maybe he's the one
we should shake hands....

Jane stretched out her hand
and thompson did as well
"his hands are soft...."

"so I'll give you a call...." thompson said "bye.."

Jane started the car.....and started again.....
thompson noticed it...."is there a problem?" he asked
jane: fine....
thompson : of course your not...wanna ride?
jane: with you?
thompson: there's nobody in there...its just the two of us
jane: I'll be fine...I'll just call my bestfriend...
thompson : wont...ride with a stranger

jane felt bad for him...
as thompson was on his way back to his car
jane stopped him...."hey wait! can you give me a ride to the nearest car shop?"
thompson smile and said "my pleasure"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 3 : who's mike

after eating...
Mike had to go for his work
Lizzy said "uhm..mike what do you do?"
mike "i had this small botique at the city mall"
Lizzy " i think I need a dress for a ball this week...can you help me?"
mike "my pleasure!.....Jane come with us"

Jane was staring at Lizzy
and lizzy's eyes grew larger...

jane's mind : ugh! she totally forgets me when she's with someone

Jane : Mike! i think I have an appointment...
Mike : you think!?
Jane : yes...Im already a lawyer and I have a client to meet, just make sure
that YOu take care of my bestfriend ok..?
Mike : lets go...lizzy

Mike and lizzy stepped out of the restaurant
after an hour sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book
Jane decided to go home...
as Jane was driving...she remembers Mike...

jane's mind
"I used to call him "babe" come he grown up so much"
and so handsome....what am I thinking?
oh he the one? but my friend Lizzy like him
well its been 10 years since the last time I saw him
we grew up together...since we're neighbors
he used his bike to go for school every morning
and I always tease him because he always fell

but he never gets angry at me
instead he will always ask me get a ride with him
I never accepted that...because I knew that everybody will be teasing me
that he was my boyfriend..ugh! why am i thinking of him

Jane is really focusing all about Mike
while she notice that she was driving unconsciously
she stepped on the break.....the wheels creaked so loud
and a car behind her
bumped into Jane's car

Sunday, February 6, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 2 :

so they both went to the nearest restaurant
as they were walking they were very conscious
if there'a a cute guy...nearby

upon entering the restaurant
a tall guy, brown hair and pink lips is about to approach jane
the guy was waving his hand

the guy said " hey! Lizzy...its been a long time"
"Mike? is that you?" lizzy utters as she was confused
"I know your'e confused used to call me "babe" coz i was overweight" mike said
"yeah! but you liked it anyways...(chuckles)" Lizzy replied...

Lizzy pulled Jane near and said "hey! this is Jane....she's my bestfriend"
Jane: "WOW!"
Mike: "hi..jane Im Mike" then he shared his hand for a shake

in jane's astonishment.....she held mike's hand and keeps on shaking

Lizzy: hey! jane...are you ok?
Jane: "I am not....." with her eyes sparkling

Jane pulled Lizzy's arm....and said
"OMG! i think i am in love"
Lizzy said "your'e in love....but you just met"

Mike enters...and said "girls...lets have something to eat...I think you both are hungry"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

meet me at the bridge part 1 : the 14 steps

in a far away town there is a legend
that every valentines day...when a single lady go across the bridge with 14 steps
she will meet a man...destined to save her life and love him endlessly.

"Is this gonna give us a boyfriend" Lizzy was asking her friend
"yes...the bridge will give you the man you are looking for" jane answered
"we just have to have 14 steps until the end of that bridge...are you ready?"

lizzy looked embarrassed while walking across the bridge
while jane was concentrating with the numbers of steps

2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14....."its 14!!!!"

jane and lizzy looked at each other
then...they started to freak out....

"! where is the man?" jane asked
"i dont know...maybe this is just some kind of a joke..." lizzy said with her eyebrows looking worried

the bridge is so famous...that everyone in there are all hopeless for love

"look at the girls...they are all the same with us..." Lizzy said
" shouldn't be like them if you never dumped Ben" jane answered
"stop bringing him up...and dont even mention that liar's name" lizzy replied
Jane : "but what if he never really lied...?"
Lizzy : "I dont know....all I know is he left me"

before Jane noticed her friend who is about to cry
she asked her to go to the nearest restaurant
"c'mon Lizzy let's just eat to death!!! and forget those men who broke our hearts"

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