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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Love doesn't age part 2: Goodbye Girlie

somehow between the writing of our letters to each other
Girlie grew distant from me...its hard to keep a long distance relationship
i cant stand her absence, I was lonely everytime that I dont even get to see her
and then the last letter from girlie arrived

Dear Ricky,

I hope your fine right now! i know that this distance is just tearing us apart
i have found already my new happiness to someone who could give me more
time and love..i cant wait for you..i know that your job right now is far more
important than anything else, i knew you did this for your parents and siblings
please take care of yourself...this will be my last letter to you
Im getting married on tuesday..june 11, 1987
I hope you'll forget me soon



I was devastated of what I have received, she didn't knew that this wasn't
just because i wanted the whole world that i can have a job
and my education has contributed me wasn't just that...
I was hoping that she understand that i also did this because i can see our
future together..

I kept myself busy...i drowned myself working just to keep myself
and my mind free from thinking about her...until it takes some time when
there's this moment that i could say "wow! i wasn't thinking about her!"
Girlie became a memory to was like she was just a dream that never happened
I was at the seashore

I suddenly felt this emotion of loneliness...
i shouted as loud as i can...i called for the love ones i left in my home
i miss them so much...I have once thought of going back...but it was just
3 months...i received the challenge...and i took it seriously
I built my own routine living in this strange country
after several months more...I become one of them...
I gained more friends...rode bicycle all over the became my second home
visiting beautiful spots every night...

its definitely lonely
but the beauty of the place has took over my heart at the moment
and I told myself
someday...i will find that one woman
and take her here...


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