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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lovely korean vacation chapter 1

Chapter 1

Choose me!

At that time I felt exhausted, with my whole life dedicated only to the company I work. atleast they are paying me with a reasonable salary.

I was known as the "witch of the advertising department" employees under my supervision knew me as a perfectionist and the visionary, "EVERYTHING MUST BE DONE ACCORDING TO MY PLAN" that's my motto. "hay...they've been good to me, but have i done good to them? I dont know"

I was alone all my life, and I never did anything to socialize. Everyone around me are scared, maybe shy, or maybe they find me wierd. Hugh! I really dont know

Everynight, i feel terrible being alone. so I go online just to search for something fun to do.

Now Im going to tell you a story, this is where it all started. I was looking to this pictures cid=53

yeah! I was planning to go on a vacation, to refresh my mind, look for the world as a vast place with different directions to move in. And what came into my mind is something that would make my adventure exciting.

I was never really like this before, I feel like i did something naughty.... so here's what i have done.. I went to a dating website and i tried to sign up... over the homepage I clicked the button "search your soulmate" over the options I selected the country South Korea and I selected 29 as the preference age. As I go on along the pictures, I saw a man. I said to myself, He'll be perfect. so I cliked the button "choose me" I did send a message to meet him, but i was stupid to forget to tell him the details. I guess I was over excited.

The next thing I did, Letter of leave, passport, tickets, visa, hotel reservations and myself.

I opened my account on the dating website again, he replied "Ill wait for you" my heart goes jumping up and down. and my mouth was opened for 15 seconds. i said to myself, this is it
the next 2 days I was at the airport. The rest of the hour in the airplane is my hour of realization, how can he possibly knew that it was, that in fact i had no pictures in my account on that dating website. It means its me who have to approach him. Oh God! what have I done.

I try not to bother....huh okay....its an adventure... i wanted it to happen spontaneously... not according to my plan....

Kylie waited for 3 hours and 22 minutes...until the airplane finally landed...

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