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Friday, August 7, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 2



While Kylie heads to the Tourist's counter, her phone rings... "hello, hey so are you the korean that im supposed to meet, really your here in the airport, what were you wearing?" Kylie smiled a little. "a white t-shirt with print on in saying 'here I come' "

Kylie was feeling a little wierd, "I smell something's wrong" until she spot someone with a t-shirt with prints on it 'here I come' "f*&%, that big liar i thought he did have a beautiful smile in his photo" with a big disappointment, kylie went ahead to the tourisdt counter, get her bag and out of the airport.

She visited the dating website she found, and she did realize that "I guess everything here in the internet is not true." she rolled on the bed "haiiiii.....when will he come?, OHHH! what am I doing in this beautiful place, I have to get out fo here"

Kylie never knew it was nearly winter, all of her clothes were like sleeveless. So she decided to go on shopping. She walk in thru a Red walled clothing shop, and she saw a big gray sweatshirt. She remembered someone, it was her sister Priya, she wanted this kind of clothes. So she went in hesitantly because it was a men's store. A korean man with a height of 170cm medium built approached her.

"What is it you like?" said in korean, "uh, i dont speak korean" kylie respond. "Can I have the gray sweatshirt displayed outside?"

"Oh yes you can, but you may not" said the korean with a smile

Kylie felt insulted, and was about to leave the store, thinking if not only for her sister
"I would like to buy the shirt displayed outside, So if you want to earn money get it and Ill pay for it." Kylie shouted as if she was in her advertising department.

"Haraso!" means OK! in korean, said by the man

The man was talking korean with his teller. "She's mad boss!" He nodded
"No, I think she' scute" while wrapping and finishing the reciept, the korean man asked kylie "what's your name?"

"Why?" kylie asked with her eyebrows up

"For the reciept ma'm" the korean man said while looking at her
She breathes deeply and said " Kylie Planes"

"27" the korean asked

"excuse me? do I know you?" kylie replied

"Im Cha min, 29, manager of this store" he replied while smiling

Kylie while looking at Cha min, saying something at the back of her mind "He's special"

"do you have somthing to do tonight?" the gentle Cha min asked

"none, not at all" Kylie utterly replied "why am I stammering?"

"I think you like me.." Cha min said

Kylie sighed and followed it with a smile and said "what a proud man"
Cha min laughed "is it ok, 7pm here at the store?"

"sounds fun, Im in, its nice meeting you here" said Kylie

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