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Sunday, August 23, 2009

lovely korean vacation chapter 5

Chapter 5

"she's only a bestfriend"

They wlaked into the parking lot and Cha min arrived with a black mercedez benz.
"is this yours" kylie. poiinting at the car
"yes" Chamin answered
He opened the car door for Kylie, he also went in. Cha min held the seatbelt and attached it near Kylie.
So they drive until the bakeshop is near.
He parked and opened the door of the car where kylie was sitting.

They went in to the bakeshop, Chamin took kylie's Jacket and they went to the table near the piano. The waiter approached ans asking what to order. Chamin replied in korean,

"Kylie, Im going to see my bestfriend can you wait for a while? chamin said
"ok!" Kylie said

15 minutes later the food arrived. It was beautiful and it looks delicious

Kylie saw CHamin with his bestfriend, suprisingly she was a girl with about 168 cm, slim, fair complexion. Though Korean she had double eyelids. Chamin and his besfriend went near to Kylie.

"Kylie, this is young Dam Nara"

"you can call me DaNa" she said
"its nice meeting you dana." Kylie offered her hand
but Dana didn't gave her hand, instead she bowed saying
"Its nice meeting you too."

"join us" Kylle trying to be very patient but pissed off
"Im afraid Chamin wouldn't want me to disturb you" Dana replied

Chamin held Kylie's waist and said "we're matched from heaven are we?" cha min asked
in korean
"of course chamin! would you mind I have a meeting with my business partner. Kylie you are very lucky" Dana said.
"i know that very well" Kylie answered

Then Dana turned around. Chamin and Kylie enjoyed the meal. After eating a whole bunch of cake (korean). Kylie said "did you date her?"
"how did you know?" chamin was shocked.
"I can feel it" kylie said, she bowed her head as if disappointed.
"Are you jealous?" Chamin asked. Kylie was silent.
"she's just a bestfriend, everything else was left behind the past"

Kylie moved beside Chamin and said " I trust you!" and she suddenly pinched chamin's cheek. "and if I know that you'll be flirting with another girl. you'll be dead!"
Chamin stared at Kylie wierdly and began to laugh.
While laughing Kylie saw Dana peeking at the corner of the comfort room, she was looking at Kylie madly and envied.

"I wont let Chamin near her." on Kylie's mind

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