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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Music and Destiny part 11

We went to the set of the Pre nup photo shoot
it was a forest...

Mr. Franco:
"ok! guys...I want you to look good in photos
this will be in the make it more believable"

"aye aye sir!

"Im doomed! I dont know what to do?"

The photographer went in
"uhm! ok! you should look very happy and we'll do kissing photos later"

I saw Ivo stretching...and said "Mina, Dont fall in love with me
remember Im just helping you ok! your'e one lucky girl..."

"SHUT THE F*#( UP" I shouted
after several shots the photos were like a total DAMAGE

everything was AWKWARD!!!
then both of us heard

The photographer talked to us
"Imagine Ivo is your everything and so do you Ivo"

MINA: for one split second I thought of being my ownself
as I part this moment were I thought of surrendering myself
to him...

IVO: I was looking at this woman beside me
I said to myself..what if this is the truth...if only I can only tell her
what I really feel. But I cant do that its not the right time
but for just this moment, I'll be myself...and surrender to her

He threw me into the grasses
and suddenly I felt his lips into mine

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