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Friday, January 27, 2012

Music and Destiny part 10

The wedding

Mina's Part:

Mr. Franco came this afternoon and introduced me with my Personal assistant and publicist
I still cant believe what I am into right now! Its like I turned into this celebrity
in one night!..Im happy but Im terrified...and Im going to get married tomorrow???
My mom will kill me!!!!!!!!!!

the next thing happened I was at Mr. Franco's car with Ivo
Mr Franco asked "what's your favorite color mina"
"Peach!" I answered
"so lame!" Ivo uttered annoyingly

I was thinking...this person is such a bipolar...he's snob the next time he comes closer
he's nice, I cant read him!...

then we arrived to this wedding store
where I get to choose my wedding dress
while entering the store
I still cant believe Im marrying this person right next to me
its like just days ago..he said "Im following him and now Im marrying him"

and the lady accompanied me inside this curtain and made me tried few dresses
and said "madamme! you look beautiful in this dress"

the suddenly the curtains were lifted up
and I saw Ivo's face...He's not happy at all
I thought he'd be like ..."WOW"
instead Mr. Franco complimented me...

Then I was sitting waiting for Ivo's turn
then the curtain was lifted

I wanted to look blunt
but he look really gorgeous in those tuxedo
I cant help walk around near him and look from head to toe
"oh my gosh! that's sexy"
how can someone look like this??? he's too perfect

Mr. Franco broke the moment
"we have a pre-nup photos! at 4pm"
I talked to him.."this is a fake wedding right???"
No its not! he replied
Ivo then came and said
"unfortunately its not a fake wedding! Immigrant officers will will you present a fake wedding? are you even thinking"

I looked at him with an are-you-kidding-me FACE

then I made my reality check!
there's no way Im gonna live with this kind of person
he annoys me...

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