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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music and Destiny part 12

And I saw Him waiting there
My breathing started to get heavy...
My fake father beside me
started to say
"Dont worry Im not gonna let you slip"

I walked on the isle
and I cant keep my eyes off at Ivo
He looked happy

I was looking at him the whole time
the wedding ended with a kiss
this time I felt very comfortable with him
and we went out for some magazine photos again
and went home

I was so tired..
I was walking in the hallway of the apartment
and I noticed that there's already a lock in my apartment's door
Ivo was there at my back
"your'e not going there honeey~! you already live here"
pointing at his apartment

"oh no! I forgot"
I said while giving him the uncertainty look
I entered his apartment
and sat on the stairs

I was just wondering where the hell am I going to sleep??
I asked

"Beside me...Honeey~~~" he answered

I replied
"You gotta loose that Honeey~ thing, that's actually annoying"

He moved closer
and gave me a kiss on my forehead
I remained silent
He was an inch away from my face
its not even an inch
maybe less than an inch
I can feel his nose in to my cheek
stroking down to my lips
my eyes where wide open
I gulped
my heart was thrusting out of my chest

and I was happy but at the back of my mind:
is this the truth already???

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