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Monday, January 30, 2012

Music and Destiny part 13

IVO's Confession

I saw my beautiful wife
she was sitting at the stairs
I cant help but be myself
and her lips is irresistible
especially when she pouts about living with me
I cant help but give him my kiss
and make her shut up...

I have felt the right thing
I knew it was right
but things are complicated

I went to the living room
I left her alone at the stairs....unsure of herself
If only I could tell her everything I felt

I myself is confused
maybe I could tell her after her debut
that's right!
I will tell her everything....

Mina's thoughts

There is no way this man is in love with me
He's way too perfect and famous for me
I am just a nobody from an alien world
what is with him??? he's taking too much of this wedding thing
...this man is crazy...I cant believe i marry him
...I myself cant forget how he kissed me
could it be Im falling for him????
oh no im in trouble....

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