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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music and Destiny Part 14

"Dear Diary, Good Morning! Its a brand new day for dream starts today
Ivo is still sleeping in the couch..I wonder why im so feeling contented just seeing him
sleeping in his couch through a small opening at the door....Im having a long day today
and its going to be a blast....rehearsal, photoshoot, recording, and rehearsals again in just
a week..and then my debut...its funny how things gone fast!"

truly yours Minna ♥

"MINNA!" Ivo shouted but nobody replied
"did she just got out without telling me?" he added

Ivo took a shower
after a while...Minna came back to the apartment

"IVO? are you there? I forgot my cellphone!" Minna announced
this time nobody replied...

Minna remembered she left the cellphone in the bathroom
she rushed to the bathroom and saw IVO

"HI minna?" Ivo welcomed
Minna screamed and shut the door
and realized for a moment that she needed her cellphone
"UHM~ Ivo...I think my cellphone is right there at the sink...can you
pass it to me" Minna said
"Well you can come in and take it yourself" Ivo replied
"Im not joking! I need it now or I'll be late for practice" Mina said annoyingly
"Hang on!" Ivo said

Ivo walked over to the sink and find her cellphone...
he watched left to right..and scrolled over Mina's phone
He smiled

"Minna! Here's your cellphone! I never thought I'd be your Wallpaper" Ivo chuckled
Minna blushed as she grab her cellphone from Ivo's hand while the door is incompletely
shut.."Its nothing Ivo!" she added
"whatever Minna!" Ivo said then walked back into the tub again
this time mina got curious, she cant help but sneak into that small opening of the door
she looked back..she covered her eyes..but part of her..wants to see

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