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Friday, November 26, 2010

love and innocence last part

Billy and Sherry went to barbados to forget the bad things that they have gone thru...

it feels like heaven where the ocean is reflecting the vast blue sky
the birds are chirping
and the sound of waves is just as relaxing as though it is carried by a gentle wind
the sun is about to set as the couple sets the mood for a very serious conversation

sherry: "my dear.....what is your dream??"
Billy : "I cant ask for anything right now...Im happy that your around that's all that counts to me"

"what is your dream????" billy asked

"It happened already!!!" sherry stood up and held her hand over his abdomen
"your'e going to be a father....billy...I am pregnant"

billy in shock hands over his head...big eyes wide open
" a father.."

he hugged sherry

"this is the happiest day in my life" billy said while his tears is pouring down
"I am glad you are my only one" sherry said


1 comment:

  1. So after all this is a happy ending. Nice... I love happy ending. :)


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