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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

love and innocence part 14

sherry opened her eyes from a deep sleep
she knew that it has something to do with billy
she woke up an heard somebody called her name


sherry : "billy?????"

and the two met again

sherry : "what is going on here???"
billy : "my family got stuck in a dangerous mafia syndicate, the mafia lost billion dollars of investment
and they are hunting me and my family...I missed you so much"
sherry : "why does it have to be me..?"
billy : "because they knew Im with you"
sherry : " what do they want??"
billy : " they will only let us free if my parents pay the ransom"
sherry: "so, this is why I havent seen you in years"
billy: "I am really is never my fault"

sherry is mad at herself....she hated billy for so many years
not knowing that he was suffering here...

they can only see themselves...the both are still away
sherry is still on the floor and billy is tied up in the bed
as much as they want to embrace each other
all they do is bow their heads
cry and pity themselves...

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