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Saturday, November 20, 2010

love and innocence part 18

On T.V.

news anchor : "Mr. Billy of a well known clan here in our country was accused of
being the principal master mind of the killings near the abandoned factory of Spills company
He is now being chased with the police, he was last seen in a hidden camera of the factory
in combat with the 11 unknown people. His lawyer made the statement, that he will not
answer questions at the moment, unless summoned by the court"

Billy was watching....

Sherry the only witness, who can testify that Billy is innocent
is at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital
unconscious, bedridden and restless

Billy is hoping to come to the hospital, to see sherry.
but it will be difficult because press and media are all over
behind looking for his lost shadow...
He cant go there..or else they will also find out about sherry
and her life will put into scandal

tomorrow morning....Billy recieved a call from his parents

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