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Saturday, November 20, 2010

love and innocence part 17

"11 people killed" (headlines on the front cover of the newspaper)

sherry was a witness...she was in a state of shock
if she was looking at Billy...its as if she doesn't knew billy anymore
as if she was looking to another man.

sherry was silent the whole hour at the house with billy
already safe....

but her mind is in full of thoughts

"do you like to go to the hospital?" billy asked.
"No, I will be fine after a week" sherry answered

"I have something to tell you sherry.." billly said

"I am really sorry to put you into this trouble, It was never my intention
to put you into this situation...I love you...and I want what is best and safe for you.
If you are tired being with me just tell me...I will set you free...but it will always be you
no other else...I'll never find better than you..If leaving you will set you free from this harm
that I have caused..I think I have to say goodbye this that you will be
back to normal"

sherry looked at Billy.....tears are starting to fill the spaces into their eyes

"I dont want to be alone again....If I will suffer with you...then let it be..
I cant live without you.." sherry said

they embraced each other's arm
they never felt warm...they were safe and stronger together

as Billy was holding sherry's body
He felt a deep breathe from sherry
he was holding sherry's back..

sherry felt tired and dizzy.....then she dropped her body into Billy's arms
as sherry fell into Billy...He looked at his hands

blood....Sherry was stabbed at the back
she did not noticed because she was in a state if panic and shock...
Billy called his bodyguards
and  rushed sherry to the hopsital
without Billy....

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