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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

love and innocence part 16

and sherry was waiting..alone in the room together with the kidnappers

the kidnappers made a call..

"you have to destroy your clan" the kidnapper said
billy: "you know I can't do that"
"you cant do that...not without telling you that I am going to kill the girl"
billy : "she has nothing to do with a man..are you afraid to fight me?"
"I know that is reverse psychology, I am smarter than you are billy"
billy : "what do you want...?"
"i siad it already..I'll release the girl once the clan is destroyed already

"DONT DO THAT BILLY, I'LL BE ALRIGHT!!!!!!" sherry shouted

billy's eyes opened...he knew that it was sherry

billy never did what the kidnappers want
the clan is his family...and sherry is the whole world to him
so he decided to go there alone

kidnappers "I know he would do this....Id better kill him, so that I may get a promotion
from our boss"

billy was approaching alone...

then the rain starts to pour

there was 11 armed man approaching billy with their dagger

"ahhhhhhhh" billy shouted

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