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Saturday, November 20, 2010

love and innocence part 19 (the speech)

"father!" billy said
"my son, it is time for you to take over the dragon clan" his father said
"I know that you have struggles..but you dont have to worry about it....
We will take care of the girl..."his father reassured Billy

"We are here for you son, I'll make sure that your love one is safe"
his mother said

Billy...relieved..from so much burden....was energized
and made his way to their ancestral's house

after a long ritual of passing the position to him
as the boss of Dragon Clan...he made a speech

"Good Evening Everyone...I am here in front of you as your new leader
I have always taught by my parents to respect the people around you 
so they would respect you too....I am very proud that this Clan...has never
been involved in illegal transaction..We have been doing business for a long time
This Clan is a great body of power...because of a vast connection all over the world
I do not own this clan...You and Me....We are part of it...I as your leader will just be a role model
for all of you..we might kill people as necessary, its because we are not protected by
the law, we are the enemies of the I am encouraging preserve
the dignity established by our group, minimize killing. What happened to me will serve as a
guide for you...If I didnt kill those 11 armed person...I might be dead right now!
or I might lost the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life

tomorrow I will go to the court....I have a hearing
they have the evidenced that I have killed the 11 armed people
although I have my reasons....I still killed persons...

I may be sent to jail...But I will always return to my family
and my family is this clan....YOU are!!!!!

men in black suits.....stood up and shout for Billy

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