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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Music and Destiny part 5

Mina's Part:

I became so sad especially when I knew that
I might not be able to stay here longer...
half of my money is in that big bag...
should I be on the police station?
I dont think so...I have phobias in police station
I dont know anyone here...where am I heading??
I dont even know where the hell is that bar
I need to watch that concert....or atleast enjoy my stay here
in tampere...
even though Im half broke and dirty...
well im not now..but eventually..

I am new to cry then I saw this big neon lights saying
the berta's bar.....I suddenly saw a glimpse of hope
the Positive band is in there, it could be a good place
to ask for a gig...I will be able to earn much...
Im really lucky that here in tampere
rock n roll is sung in i dont have problems with that
or I could audition for a band...
this is just the beggining of my dreams...
I have to grab this opportunity...

The concert started...and the Positive band was there
it was really dark and smokey
I can feel the rock vibe and im getting it...
I forced myself to be in front of the stage
and I saw this man

He was familiar to me...
It cant be he's the lead singer of Positive favorite band
but he was singing their song...Im confused
the concert continued...I was always drowned with their song
so I enjoyed it..every was like a dream....
I sing a long...I didn't know that audiences here in this bar
would rather listen thatn sing a long...
so I was like dueting with the man above on that stage
then the singer looked at me when he heard me screaming the highest note
in the song...

and it was a familiar face...
in shock the song continues and there's no one singing
It was Ivo the sexy guy who helped me earlier
he was looking at me and she held me up to the stage

He handed me the mic
and started ripping the songs and nailing every note of it.

the song ended and I thanked..I am mina and I love positive band's song
I said...and I went off the stage...I walked in fast paced
I was embarrassed but I didnt know why am I embarassed?
I was walking unthinking that I was at the back stage
a huge man suddenly appeared

"Mina! mina! mina! the manager of Positive band
I wonder if you are free tomorrow...?"

OK! or shall I say that's cool!

"that's free tomorrow...what's the event?" I said
"hahaha..ur funny girl!...its not really an see
I have this problem with the main vocalist..." he said

I looked at him so intensely...problem...with my #1 vocalist in the world?

"I know i know your a fan of him..but he quitted and left the band
I dont want to be jobless in the next few weeks and we have few gigs
and he left me with this trouble...I can see that u can sing the band's song
and I think ur even I hope u can make it tomorrow
for practice and lets settle there if the band can take u as the new
singer..u gotta help me with my problem...pls pls pls pls"

I told him

"are you kidding me? i should be the one begging for his position
this is the reason why I went here in tampere..."

he said

"but..I cant assure you this position..the band is really tough so
I think u need to do good..its going to be an audition tom..ok
where do u live?"

I answered

"I live next door to Ivo's apartment"

He looked at me in suspicion..."ok! here's my card call me if u need something!"
then he started walking away

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