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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Music and Destiny part 7

Ivo's part:

who's that? I say to not really used to sing while playing the guitar
"that sounded really good"
"Mina????????????????????? she's in front~!!!
what is she doing here...

"aha! she sings..."
I was amazed she's the only one singing along..
and the people aren't complaining...
it sounded really good, how about helping her to get here...

the song ended....and the next thing I know...she was running to the back stage
I saw Mr. Franco following must go on...I have to play...

The concert ended....and I went back to my apartment....
I was shocked when the door suddenly opened and I saw her
she thanked...and I was concern about Mr. Franco's plan
so I asked...

she answered, "Yes..he said I'll be on audition for the main vocalists' position"
I asked her to sit down and talk about it...he didn't know how is it like
to be in  a band...especially this band..she could get to lose everything
so I told everything to her...but she insisted...I have no choice but let her


the audition:

Mina's part: 
I called Mr. Franco, I needed his help for my make over
it took 2 hours to bring this inner rock inside of alter ego of mine
which I have been hiding ever since I liked Rock n Roll
I know that when I dress up like this in my own country
i'll be considered as weird and crazy woman who didn't care

I stayed for a couple of minutes in the comfort room before I
sing for the band....I knew this is one big shot...and none other than me
have given this chance...which is very unusual...
I was looking at the mirror and looked how far this look I have been
I was feeling really into it...and I know that I am really the real me right now

or should I lose the cigarettes, because I dont really smoke...and its not
good for the voice...

I walked into the room...its their practice room
I feel like im in heaven already
I saw Ivo sitting together with the others...

At first he was looking at me with amazement...
I guess its really a surprise..since I changed in just an overnight
but he still nodding..implying that its still a "NO"
the others expressions where really in amazement also...
the bassist said "who are you?"

"Im Naim!" I answered
"i thought it was mina..who's coming" the keyboard player asked
"Mina is not around...if she's not singing she'll be here!" I said, as if
I was in the middle of criminal investigation and full conviction
I was in my character the whole time...I want to prove to Ivo
I can change that I can be in the band

"sing for us" said the drummer

I started singing...and ended it...I knew I nailed it!

"Your'e soft!" Ivo said
"I agree..I thought you will rip the mic stand and sing instead you just stood up
and hold the ear piece...Im disappointed" the drummer said
"I was writing a new song and I think that fits you right, but I did think
that it wasn't really fitted for the bands concept" the bassist said
"I think your'e ok! and I think your'e hot!!!!!!" the keyboard player added
"Mr. Franco...what can u say!?" Ivo asked
"I thought it would be a good idea to mix you up with the band, but I think u lacked
the character..although we made the make wasnt enough for the whole
package" Mr. Franco said

I removed the headset and stepped away in the mic

"I have a proposal! Im asking you to sign a contract as a solo artist...
you dont need the band!" Mr. Franco offered

I was in shock....I failed the audition..but I get to signed up as a solo artist
this could be the most life changing moment...

"So, I guess this is the end of the audition...lets go for practice" Ivo said
He went close to me...and said "I like the outfit..........just kidding"

I was happy at the moment but it turned bitter.....
but Im still smiling after...the first thing I did..
"call my mom!!!!!!!!''

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