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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Music and Destiny part 9

Im still staying in that apartment....with the lockless door
Mr. Franco told me that I will debut sooner before the year ends

This morning somebody was knocking at my door
"madamme! we're the immigration officer, we'd like to talk"

I was confused I thought Mr. Franco's attorney is doing
this kinds of things....

So I let them in...and talked...

Immigration officer: "We heard that you're going to get married.."
I was shocked...then the phone rang
I excused and I knew it was Mr. Franco...
telling me
"Tell them your'e engaged...."
"To whom?" I answered with anger

"look mina...i dont have time to talk about this...but I'll tell you later" Mr. Franco told me
"tell them your'e in love with your neighbor and that you're planning to get married" he added
"Mr. neighbor is IVO!!!!!!!!!!" I said
"Then it'll be good!!!!!! its going to be less complicated...I can talk to him" he answered
then he turn off his phone

I turned around and saw this 2 officers...
I have to make a lie...this sucks!

and while I was explaining the situation (which is fake) to them
IVO appeared....and I pretended to smile...a crooked smile
"there he fiance...hahah..aha" I said

Ivo approached me and took his arms around my waist....
"Hi...Im IVO.." he said
"We know...your'e a rockstar!!!" the officer said
"we are very honored to know that you are getting married" they added
"I believe this will not leak because, I have female fans...ready to go to war
you know! im just protecting my...............future wife" He sounded like its very
hard to pronounce every word

The officers left.....

I threw his hands...because I felt like it was way too long hanging in my waist
I gave him this look saying "Im in trouble" and "what do You think you're doing?"
silence prevailed..........

"so do u think I need a thank you?" Ivo asked
"Thank you" I thanked with a very whispery voice
"what?! I cant hear you?" Ivo teasing me....
I started quenching my fists are close
and Im about to burst....I moved my neck in rounds
closed my eyes a bit..and breathe deeply

"I know this is just temporary" I said, convincing myself the fact that Im getting married
"Look mina! I dont want this either...but If you have to do this for your dream
go for it!..I'll help you.." he sounded sincere this time

he was giving me this look of calmness and seriousness

Ivo's Part:

I got a call from Mr. Franco...he told me everything
and he added that Mina needs my help
I went inside her apartment...and found out 2 officers
and she said "there he fiance...hahah..aha"
and he was looking at me...with a crooked smile...
So I just ride in to the situation and to make it more
believable...I put my arms on her waist...
she seem not to enjoy the moment...but I do...

We talked a bit....
and She reminded me again of my sister who died in an accident
she was a teenager when she got into a car accident
I saw my sister's dream in I said I was willing to help her
but this got to be exciting since....Im getting married with her
and this could probably the cure from all the
stalkers...I offered help...and Im very sincere to that
but I cant help to turn back once in a while
enjoying how I annoy her

"so see you at the wedding...Mr. Franco told me that he already settled it tomorrow!"
I added...and walk out in her apartment
I turn around and said "you know it'll be a great advantage..because you wont get to
live here in you lockless apartment and you'll get to eat the breakfast I prepared"
then I smiled at her


Mina's Part:

Unbelievable...isn't he upset...????
and he was able to give me that smile.....
I look to the ground and I find myself...fascinated about him
I shooked my head...telling myself that this is wrong!!!!!!!

could it be.????
I like IVO?????

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