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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Music and Destiny part 8

It was surreal...I cant believe it myself
as I was sitting in front of a producer manager
and ready to sign for a solo artist contract
I held myself back a little...and closed my eyes

"this is what I wanted and now its in my hands"

I signed the contract...and I knew its the start of another
journey, I did lost everything Tampere...but not my dreams
My dream saved me...

I did have a training....
Mr. Franco believed that I didn't still have the performing
character that he's looking for...We were both looking for
the right He made me tried a little clothes and see
what would fit my character

we tried.....

POP...but it didn't fit my voice

Acoustic...but I never played the guitar well..especially while singing
then Mr. Franco told me that I look good in black
So He made me fit this clothes

"I found you! at last!"
then he decided to make me fuse rock and dance
we wrote songs
and he sent me to a dancing school
and even modeling...because Mr. Franco thinks that
I lack femininity.....

It was like doing this in a month
but I didn't noticed that I have overstayed in Tampere
I was given a notice...and If I did not make any actions
i'll be going back home to my country
with shattered dreams....
I told Mr. Franco about my concern and he said that
his attorney will do the I trusted him

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